5 Easy Weeknight Dinners You Need to Try Tonight!

Easy Weeknight Dinners

Weeknights can be hectic, with busy schedules, work, and other commitments. Cooking a delicious and healthy meal may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right recipes, you can prepare a nutritious and tasty meal in no time. In this article, we’ve put together five easy weeknight dinners that are perfect for busy families or anyone looking for a quick and simple meal.

5 Easy Weeknight Dinners (Quick Recipes)

  1. Classic Stuffed Peppers
  2. Goulash weeknight dinners
  3. Perfect Fish Tacos
  4. Fried Rice weeknight dinners
  5. One-Pot Chicken Alfredo

Classic Stuffed Peppers:

Classic Stuffed Peppers - Easy Weeknight Dinners

Stuffed peppers are a classic dish that is both easy to make and delicious. To make this recipe, you’ll need bell peppers, ground beef or turkey, rice, onions, garlic, and tomato sauce. Cut off the tops of the peppers, remove the seeds and white membrane, and set them aside. Cook the ground meat with onions and garlic, then add cooked rice and tomato sauce. Stuff the mixture into the peppers and bake in the oven for 30 minutes. Serve hot and enjoy!

Goulash Weeknight Dinners:

Goulash - Easy Weeknight Dinners

Goulash is a traditional Hungarian dish that is perfect for a hearty weeknight dinner. To make this recipe, you’ll need beef, onions, garlic, paprika, tomato paste, beef broth, and egg noodles. Brown the beef in a large pot, then add onions and garlic. Add paprika and tomato paste, then beef broth. Let it simmer for 45 minutes, then serve over cooked egg noodles. This dish is sure to become a family favorite!

Perfect Fish Tacos:

Perfect Fish Tacos - Easy Weeknight Dinners

Fish tacos are a delicious and healthy meal that can be made quickly and easily. To make this recipe, you’ll need fish fillets, taco seasoning, tortillas, shredded cabbage, sour cream, and lime wedges. Season the fish with taco seasoning and bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes. Heat the tortillas, then add the fish, shredded cabbage, and a dollop of sour cream. Squeeze lime juice over the top and enjoy!

Fried Rice Weeknight Dinners:

Fried Rice weeknight dinners - Easy Weeknight Dinners

Fried rice is a quick and easy dish that is perfect for a busy weeknight. To make this recipe, you’ll need cooked rice, vegetables (such as peas, carrots, and onions), eggs, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Saute the vegetables in a large pan, then add the cooked rice and scrambled eggs. Add soy sauce and sesame oil, then stir until everything is heated through. This dish is versatile, so feel free to add your favorite protein or vegetables!

One-Pot Chicken Alfredo:

One-Pot Chicken Alfredo - Easy Weeknight Dinners

Chicken alfredo is a classic Italian dish that can be made in just one pot! To make this recipe, you’ll need chicken breast, fettuccine pasta, garlic, heavy cream, parmesan cheese, and butter. Cook the chicken in a large pot, then remove and set aside. Add garlic, heavy cream, and parmesan cheese to the pot, then add cooked fettuccine pasta. Add the chicken back to the pot and stir until everything is heated through. This dish is perfect for a cozy weeknight in.


Are these recipes suitable for picky eaters?

Yes, these recipes are versatile and can be customized to suit picky eaters’ tastes. For example, you can omit certain ingredients or replace them with ones that your picky eater enjoys.

How long do these recipes take to prepare?

These recipes are designed to be quick and easy, taking anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes to prepare.

Can I double these recipes for meal prepping?

Absolutely! These recipes are great for meal prepping and can be easily doubled or tripled for leftovers throughout the week.


Cooking a nutritious and delicious meal doesn’t have to be complicated, especially on busy weeknights. These five easy weeknight dinners are quick to prepare and packed with flavor. From classic stuffed peppers to one-pot chicken alfredo, there’s something for everyone in this collection of recipes. Try them out and see how they can make your weeknights stress-free and enjoyable!

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Easy Weeknight Dinners