Sourdough Starter 2 Ways – Traditional and No-discard method

active sourdough starter in a glass mason jar showing bubbles and increase in volume

Learn how you can make sourdough starter two methods – the standard method of feeding and discarding & a no-discard method utilizing yeast water!

active sourdough starter in a glass mason jar showing bubbles and increase in volume

What is sourdough starter?

Sourdough starter, additionally known as a sourdough tradition or levain starter, is a mix of flour and water that is been fermented to domesticate wild yeast and micro organism in our surroundings.

This is used as a pure leavening agent when making bread which provides it a much better texture and taste in comparison with bread made with industrial yeast.

Most individuals know that sourdough starter requires common feeding and discarding with a purpose to hold it alive and lively. Some even identify their starters so it’s going to be simpler to recollect to feed it.

But what most individuals do not know is that there is a neater solution to make a sourdough starter that does not require any feeding or discard. It’s made with yeast water, which I’ll clarify extra about under.

But first, let’s get into the standard manner of make sourdough starter so we are able to evaluate each strategies!

Traditional method to creating sourdough starter

This will produce a 100% hydration sourdough starter, which suggests there’s equal quantities of flour and water.

Ingredients you may want:

  • Rye or Whole wheat flour
  • Filtered water
  • Kitchen scale
  • Clear jar or bowl

This method makes use of a flour and water combination to offer meals for the wild yeast to devour. As the yeast consumes the sugars within the flour, it produces carbon dioxide which creates the bubbles you may see in an lively starter.

Step by step directions – feeding & discarding

  • Day 1 – Mix collectively an equal quantity of flour and water (measured in grams). This combination will likely be known as your starter. Place it in a transparent bowl or jar and frivolously cowl with plastic wrap. Set it in a heat place away from direct daylight.