How to Turn Off Airplane Mode on Dell Laptop Windows 10?

While PCs include all of the latest bells and whistles, they are substantially less flexible and restrictive than Macs. In practice, we barely used a few of the functionalities. It is widely accepted that one of the most popular modes is Flight. When Bluetooth is enabled, you will be unable to connect to the internet (ethernet or WiFi) or create any network connections.

While tinkering with settings or keyboard shortcuts, you can frequently unlock this mode accidentally. The answer is self-evident at this stage. There will be no Internet access accessible. As a result, it must be disabled.

However, How to Turn Off Airplane Mode on Dell Laptop Windows 10? Turn the switch found on, and here are some methods for disabling Flight mode on Dell laptops. Let us conduct an investigation. As a result, we must first determine whether flight mode is enabled or disabled.

Reasons Why Windows 10 Stuck in Airplane Mode

Your laptop may become locked in airplane mode for one of the operations. Typically, the issue is caused by software flaws or network driver issues. Occasionally, this may be the result of a faulty wiring switch. In most circumstances, your initial step should be to restart the computer. Sometimes, the remedy will reveal the source of the problem.

How to Turn Off Airplane Mode on Dell Laptop Windows 10

Turn Off Airplane Mode on Dell Laptop Windows 10

When flight mode is enabled on your laptop, the airplane modes icon will show. Typically, the network icon shows when anything takes the place of the network connection.

To disable your laptop’s airplane mode, perform the following steps:


The Action Center in Windows 10 adds a separate airplane mode button for fast deactivating and reactivating the setting. The new Action Center is accessed by clicking the Action Center taskbar button. Windows + A is the shortcut. You can turn off the flight modes by clicking this icon.


The flying mode option is located under ‘WiFi settings.’ In the Taskbar, click “Wired or Wireless Network.” Depending on your level of access, you can choose between three modes: WiFi, in-flight mode, or hotspot mode. To disable it, enable ‘Airplane Mode.’

From the Windows Control Panel

This is how,

  • To access your settings, press and hold the Windows logo key + I on your keyboard. You may access your settings by either clicking on Settings from the Windows Start screen or by opening the Settings window from the Start screen’s settings menu bar.
  • Consider choosing “The network and the internet.”
  • Airplane mode is accessed from the left side of the home screen.
  • Once you’ve chosen to enter airplane mode, you’ll be given the option of keeping it or deactivating it.

How to Turn Off Airplane Mode in Windows 10 Using Keyboard

  • The majority of laptops, particularly those manufactured by Dell, feature a single key for deactivating or activating “Airplane Mode.”
  • If your F keys have the word ‘airplane’ printed, you are in flight mode.
  • Alternate between the F9 and F12 keys to activate and deactivate airplane mode. The key is allocated to your computer’s flying modes button.
  • To activate or deactivate the mode, use one of these F keys.

Using Physical Button

On a Dell notebook, the Power button is not the only physical control, and it is only functional when held down. Each Dell laptop contains many keys, for example:

  • WiFi password
  • Key for Airplane Mode
  • The key to the Power Button
  • Key to adjust the brightness of the display

On your Dell laptop, keys are located in a variety of locations, not simply on the F keys.

If your Dell laptop includes a “locked” switch, you can use it to activate or deactivate airplane mode.

Turn Off Airplane Mode Windows 10 Login Screen

That is correct. Additionally, you may disable flying modes from the Windows login screen (where you input your password or PIN).

To do so, tap the WiFi button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen after selecting Airplane mode.

How to Fix It When Windows 10 Is Stuck in Airplane Mode

Exiting airplane modes successfully requires following these steps in order: the way to more advanced options begins with the simplest answers.

  • Simply restart the computer. A brief reboot will also resolve a PC that is stuck in Airplane mode on Windows 10.
  • Utilize a built-in keyboard shortcut. Examine the key to determine if it contains a radio signal emitter. This control is located in one of two locations on each keyboard key, depending on the laptop model (PrintScreen).
  • While holding the Fn key, click F11. If the operation is successful, a notice shows in the upper left-hand corner indicating that WiFi has been activated and Airplane mode has been disabled.
  • To begin, click the Start button. To enable or disable flight modes, navigate to the lower-left corner of the desktop, click Action Center, and then click Small Flying Object (which looks like a bit of Window).
  • Additional locations are added to the list. You can connect to any previously configured WiFi networks within range automatically.
  • On computers, an Airplane Mode button, which is frequently referred to as the Network Mode button, is present (usually on desktops). This button toggles between active and inactive Airplane Modes.
  • Consult the documentation provided by the PC maker to determine the location of this button and whether your PC includes it.
  • Navigate to the System Menu to learn how to disable flight mode. Additionally, Airplane Modes can be activated and deactivated via System Settings. Press “Airplane” and then “System settings” on the Best match.
  • You may view an Airplane Mode graphical user interface. Toggle the flight mode on and off.
  • Restore the original configuration of the computer. This is something that advanced users should avoid.
  • I’m going to reinstall Windows 10 using the Reset This PC feature. When all other choices have been exhausted, this is the only course of action.
  • Notify Microsoft of a problem. You don’t have any of the aforementioned suggestions? For assistance, contact Microsoft support.

How To Troubleshoot Airplane Mode

If you are unable to disengage airplane mode on your screen, manually follow these steps.

  • To access your settings, use the Window + “I” keys on your keyboard. You may access your settings by either clicking on Settings from the Windows Start screen or by unlocking your Settings Window from the Start screen’s settings menu bar.
  • Select the Update & Protection option.
  • To troubleshoot, tap the problems to the right and then click ‘troubleshoot.’
  • Then, on the right, click ‘Connect to the Internet.’
  • Inspect and, if necessary, repair it
  • Following that, navigate to Settings (found in various apps) and follow the on-screen directions for troubleshooting your internet connections.
  • If your airplane mode continues to obstruct your progress, try this article to understand how to activate it.

FAQs ― How to Turn Off Airplane Mode on Dell Laptop Windows 10

Why can’t I turn off airplane mode on my Dell laptop?

Clear the Allow the system to turn off option on the Power Management tab. If you off Airplane Mode, verify that the machine restarts. When you disable Airplane Mode, WiFi remains enabled.

Why can I not turn off airplane mode in Windows 10?

Configure your PC’s network adapter properties in the Network adapters section, and choose Power Management from the selections. Then uncheck the Allow the computer to automatically turn off this device when not in use box. Allow the machine to power down so that the changes may be saved and the system can be restarted.

Why is my PC stuck in airplane mode?

Often, if your laptop is unable to connect to the internet, it may enter airplane mode. The problem is caused by a software flaw, an inconsistency in the network driver, or a faulty hardware switch. To finish the repair process, your computer must be restarted.

How do I force airplane mode off?

To disable Airplane mode via the device settings, you must first navigate to them via the Taskbar. To locate airplane mode, use the Windows Search field. Activate the Airplane mode. Disable airplane mode.