How to Set a Modem and Router Without a Computer

There is a wide range of technical activities that computers can be used for, including the installation of routers. However, this does not rule out the possibility of configuring your router and modem without a computer.

Want to know How to Set a Modem and Router Without a Computer? A computer is not required to configure your wifi network and modem, so there is no need to worry about it. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can easily configure your modem and router.

Modem Vs. Router

A modem can be used to connect to a wide area network (WAN) or the Internet. A router, on the other hand, establishes a connection between your devices and your local area network (LAN) or wireless local area network (WLAN).

A modem connects your gadgets to the internet, whereas a router acts as a hub for all of them. This distinction has been clarified for your benefit.

What Is a Modem, & its Function?

An analog signal from your Internet service provider (ISP) is converted into a digital signal that can be recognized by your devices, and the other way around. Using Wi-Fi, your devices may exchange data and communicate with one another over the Internet. The word “modulation” is an etymology for the term “modem.”

Modems were used in the early days of the Internet to modulate (or convert) an analog signal that computers and other devices could access via telephone lines. If you want to use a phone line, you’ll need a modem to demodulate the digital signal from your devices.

The term “modem” persists, despite the fact that newer technology is being used. There are three ports on most modems: one for the Internet, one for a router, and one for power.

In contrast to modern modems, older modems connect to the Internet via telephone lines. At least one Ethernet port should be used to connect to a router or computer.

What Are the Functions of a Router?

Routers are networking devices that separate your modem’s Internet connection from the rest of your network’s gadgets. The Internet can be accessed via a variety of means, including computers, mobile phones, smart TVs, and other wired or wireless devices.

It is the router’s primary role to send your Internet traffic to the appropriate devices on your network.

As a result, the IP address assigned to all of your devices is not communicated to your smartphone when you open a page on your computer. Local network configurations are created and managed by a router. Using a router, you may set up security features, prioritize traffic to specific devices, and do other operations.

Your gadgets can also communicate over the network with the help of a router. It is possible to change the settings of your smart home gadgets using an app on a smartphone.

Need a Modem or a Router?

A modem and a router are both required if you want to use wifi or connect to several devices. One disadvantage of using a modem over a router is that you can only connect one machine at a time. With a large number of devices requiring Internet access, a router is a need.

However, connecting to the Internet via a router is not an option. A router must be connected to the modem in order to distribute the Internet connection to all of your devices.

As a result, you won’t need to acquire a modem and a router when you set up your home internet connection. Nowadays, several devices include both a modem and a router.

Is It Possible to Have the Internet Without a Computer?

It’s possible, without a doubt. With or without the computer, the modem and router combination has been set up as mentioned above. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to access the Internet on whichever media device you’d want.

After setting up a network and connecting to the Internet, having a computer or laptop is much more convenient.

However, you can still access the Internet even if you don’t have a network or modem. Furthermore, I believe that most of the bandwidth is consumed by media consumption devices such as smart televisions and smartphones. This is logical.

How to Set a Modem and Router Without a Computer?

How to Set a Modem and Router Without a Computer

The Preparation

Use a source of electricity to link up the smart gadget

iOS or Android can be used to run the smart gadget. Plug the device into the power source before you begin the installation procedure to ensure that it has enough energy to complete it. Go ahead if it’s strong enough.

For network discovery, install network software.

In the event of installation issues, network discovery applications may come in handy. EZ NetScan and FING are two of the programs included in this category. You can get these apps from the Android or Apple store for free.

The Resulting Papers

Once you’ve done this, you may begin configuring the router by following the following instructions.

To begin, turn on the wireless router.

When the root is triggered, be sure to give it enough time to boot.

Turn on Your Smart Device’s Wi-Fi.

Go to your smart gadget and turn on wifi if it’s not already on. If it’s on, go ahead and do what you need to do.

Set up a wireless network connection

Make sure you know the router’s SSID or network ID, as well as the router’s back password. The router’s SSID can be found by searching for and tapping on the SSIDs on your phones. Please enter a password when attempting to access the network.

Internally Locate the IP Address

The router’s internal IP address can be discovered in one of three ways. These are the names of the individuals: They are a

Discovering Networks is Easy with the App!

Network finding apps like EZ Netscan and FING is available for free on Apple or Android devices. These programs are simple to use. You will, however, require the Internet in order to use the apps.

If your device is connected to the Internet, open one of these apps and search for the IP address of the wireless router. As a result, finding the IP address is as simple as looking at the SSID name.

Consult the Router’s User Guide for more information.

Take a look at the router’s manual to find out what its IP address is. The default IP address for each router can be found in the handbook.

Behind the Router, there’s a sticker that reads.

IP addresses can also be found by using this method. Turn the routers over and check the sticker on the back for the IP address.

Open your device’s browser.

Startup a web browser and write down your IP address in the address box. Once you’ve completed this, you’ll be greeted by a login screen, or admin page, on the screen of your smartphone. Log in using the default credentials on the login page.

On the back of the routers, there is a sticker that provides information on how to log in. In the event that you’re unable to log in, try entering your password and the username admin. With your laptop or desktop computer or tablet in hand, you can now customize the wifi routers.

How to Set Up a Computer-free Modem?

  • To begin, connect the phone line provided by your Internet service provider (ISP) to the DSL-labeled port on your modem.
  • Use an ethernet cable and connect one end to the modem back and the other to a WAN port on the routers (Wide Area Network).
  • Once that is done, connect the routers’ power cords to their respective outlets.
  • All indications should appear within a few minutes of both network devices being powered up (LEDs).
  • We’ve already learned how to set up a computer-free wifi network, so if you need to repeat the previous steps, you can do so.
  • Use the password you created before to log in to the SSID router and connect your devices.
  • Enjoy your time on the Internet.

FAQs -How to Set a Modem and Router Without Computers?

Do You Need a Computer to Set Up a Router?

An internet account was first leased out because of the difficulty of connecting a desktop computer to a router. However, in many households, computers, tablets, and other wireless gadgets are the only means of accessing the Internet. It is possible to connect them without the computer being connected to the router, depending on the setup.

How Can I Connect the Router Without a Modem?

Use your computer’s taskbar or Mac menu to access a list of accessible wireless networks, then click the wifi symbol to connect. If your computer has an Ethernet port, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect directly to the router.

Can I Connect to the Internet With Just a Router?

It is the router’s job to act as a bridge between your computer’s local network and the world wide web. However, a router cannot be used to immediately connect to the Internet. Instead, you’ll want to link your router to a device that can send and receive data over any Internet connection type.


The primary thing you should have gotten out of today is How to Set a Modem and Router Without a Computer? Setting up the modem and router is essential to securing the network.

To protect your router, you must change the SSID and the default password. You must, however, be cautious about the settings you are about to alter.

The old and new SSIDs and passwords can be saved in a snapshot or written down. The reason for this is that if you ever have to reset the router, you will have to log in again. As a result, you should ensure that your modem and router are working perfectly.