How to Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard? Full Guide

The majority of people will need to clean the key itself or the area beneath the key prior to removing it. It is frequently necessary to wipe beneath a key if food particles or a drink drop on the keyboard.

Your Spacebar may develop a sticky residue that need removal from time to time.

It’s quite straightforward to detach it, but quite tough to reinstall it.

Permit me to walk you through the process of How to Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard.

How to Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard

It’s simple to delete. Place a thin object (such as a credit card or paper clip) beneath the Spacebar and then lift it.

It will make a popping sound as you disconnect it from the keyboard, but it is designed to separate effortlessly.

How to Put the Spacebar Back on a Keyboard

Step 1: Features two hooks attached to a thin metal bar beneath the Spacebar. Secure the metal bar in place with a piece of twine.

Step 2: To attach the metal bar, lower the Spacebar and squeeze both ends together until they snap into place. That is precisely correct!

How to Take Off Spacebar Mechanical Keyboard

Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard

The procedure is identical when using a regular keyboard and when removing a spacebar from a mechanical keyboard.

Additionally, it is simple to remove the keys from a mechanical keyboard: you simply need to exercise caution in selecting the tool.

Using the incorrect tools can result in serious problems and eventually harm your keyboard. You should exercise caution when using larger keys, such as the Spacebar.

It would be advantageous if you possessed a well-designed keycap puller that maximised your key removal efficiency.

If you want to learn how to remove the Spacebar from mechanical keyboards as smoothly as possible, follow these steps:

  • Disconnect the Keyboard and Any Other Peripherals from the Power Source.
  • Maintain a convenient distance between yourself and the keyboard. When removing larger keys, such as the Spacebar, caution is advised.
  • The Spacebar and other larger keys include stabilisers that make them more difficult to remove than the majority of other keys.

Step 2: Remove the Keycap Using Keycaps on Both Ends

When removing the spacebar keycaps, two keycap pullers are necessary. The Spacebar has one keycap puller on each end.

To guarantee that the keycap is securely held, verify that the wires of the keycap puller are properly positioned on both ends.

If you do not have two keycap pullers, you may be able to use one. If you don’t have two, you can use one and modify the other using a paper clip if you don’t have two.

A clever keycap lifter that doubles as a key puller can be constructed. It may take some practise to master.

Here Is a Step-by-step Guide on How to Convert a Paper Clip Into a Keycap Puller:

  • Unfurl the poster using the paper clip. These are required to make three paper clips. One would connect these two clips, while the other would serve as the body of the keycap puller. Before you begin, it is a good idea to straighten all three clips.
  • Two Sections of the Puller Body: Utilize the two clips to create two distinct puller body components. You will make two equal 90-degree bends. Additionally, repeat the procedure with the other clip. Measure both things to ensure they are the same size.
  • Continue to bend outward as you make tiny 90-degree bends. These serve as handles for your pry bar, allowing you to use it.
  • Everything should be encased in this combo. Bent clips can be stacked on top of one another.

Step 3: Pull the Keycap Slowly

Gently extract the keycap using both pullers. It would be advantageous if you raised both keycaps simultaneously.

On mechanical keyboards, the keycaps are held in place by the cross-shaped pegs on the switches and the cross-shaped slots on the bottom of the keycap.

It’s all or nothing at the moment. To clean the switch, first take the keycap from the Spacebar, then clean or replace the switch.

As a result, dealing with larger keys such as the Spacebar and the Shift key requires greater caution than working with the other keys. A spring bar beneath the Spacebar ensures the stability of the keyboard key switches and keycaps.

Jerkiness in the body may result in spring bar injury. Additionally, it may result in damage to the connection joints.

By examining these approaches, you should be able to determine how to remove larger keys from a mechanical keyboard.

Additionally, the process outlined above can be used to disable Caps Lock, Enter, Plus, Shift, and Backspace.

How to Put the Spacebar Back on a Mechanical Keyboard

Placing the larger keys, such as the Spacebar, in the back can present a number of critical considerations. To safeguard the springs, you must concentrate your efforts on them to guarantee they are not harmed in any manner.

Applying the keycaps on the bare key switches should be straightforward and simple. However, extreme caution must be exercised when utilising the larger keys to avoid damaging any of the components.

To ensure proper positioning of the switch holes, support stems should be installed prior to utilising them. Ascertain that the spring is centred. This eliminates the possibility of a misplaced keycap.

How to Put Spacebar Back on Mac Keyboard

A small business must carefully handle every dime. The reason you would want to attempt a repair approach yourself before paying an expensive repair shop fee is that even little fixes, such as removing the space bar from a MacBook Pro, can be quite costly.

Clips secure your MacBook behind the space bar. Pulling the space bar up gently releases it from the clamps.

Step 1) Shut down your Pro Book in the first step.

Step 2) Using the edge of a plastic knife, pull the piece from the corner of the space bar. Allow the space bar to gradually increase in length until you hear the clips detach.

Step 3) Using the plastic knife, press down on the opposite end of the space bar and pry the corner upward.

Step 4) Using the plastic knife, zigzag along the line of the space bar, keeping it lifted and slanted away from the keyboard.

Step 5) Using tweezers or needle-nose pliers, loosen the white plastic hooks attached to the keyboard.

If You Want to Remove a Random Key, Here’s How:

Before deleting any keyboard keys, unplug the keyboard from the computer or turn the computer off.

To begin removing a traditional keyboard key, you must press down on the key directly ahead of the key you wish to remove.

A similar optical effect can be achieved by inserting an object beneath the key, such as a small flathead screwdriver or a vehicle key.

Place the key beneath the flat object and twist or press down on it until the key falls off.

To delete multiple keys, continue the preceding procedure until all desired keys are erased.

If hair, dust, grime, or food particles are present, they will be discovered beneath the key after it is removed. This substance can be removed using a moist cloth, compressed air, or cotton swabs.

If you’re removing the key due to a substance spill, clean and dry the bottom of the key and key shaft.

Apply downward pressure on the key until it clicks into place to restore the keyboard to its previous position.

FAQs ― How to Remove Spacebar From Laptops Keyboard

Can you take the Spacebar off a keyboard?

A little Allen wrench is concealed beneath the Spacebar, which may be unscrewed with a screwdriver. Insert the screwdriver into the front edge, but press upward slowly with the screwdriver under the front edge, until the key unlocks. Bear in mind that there may be a metal wire or bail attached to the back of the Spacebar.

How do you space without a spacebar?

Though acclimating to it may take some time, it will be beneficial for the left little finger. You could even use both Ctrl keys as Space Bars, giving you an unlimited number of Space Bars.

Why does my Spacebar not work?

When your Spacebar stops working, one of the first remedies you’ll meet is to check the Sticky Keys. Your keyboard’s driver issues are most likely to blame for this problem. For the majority of customers, reverting to a previous driver version or doing a clean install resolves the issue. It’s always worthwhile to give anything a try.


How to Remove Spacebar From Laptop Keyboard is quite simple and uncomplicated, there are a few important safety precautions to keep in mind. Due to the stabilisers, it is necessary to exercise extreme caution when handling more noticeable keyboards.

If these tips assist you in locating the best accessible alternatives for using the Spacebar on a mechanical keyboard, you’ve arrived at the right place.