How to Remove MSI Laptop Keys? Complete Guide

The W A S D letter keys on MSI gaming laptops, for example, wear out more quickly due to heavy gaming use. What if you could find out How to Remove MSI Laptop Keys? Disassembling the laptop only to realize the keyboard is welded to the top complicates the repair process far more than simply replacing individual keycaps.

Because the palm rest prevents the keyboard from being replaced, we carry the whole MSI Laptop Key Replacements product line. As soon as your keyboard keys are fixed, get back to gaming.

Keys on a laptop can be reduced to a lower eon. To keep the keys in good working order, you should only do this as occasionally as necessary. Depending on how much liquid you spilled, you may have to remove all of the keys to clean the area underneath them.

What Is MSI’s Purpose?

Manufacturer, developer, and manufacturer of the following: Micro-Star International (MSI) is a Taiwanese worldwide technological corporation.

  • Computer hardware
  • Graphics card
  • Motherboards
  • Laptops vs. Computers
  • Playstation and Xbox

After establishing itself as a household name in the business in 1986, the company has continued to thrive.

A high-end brand like Apple or Dell or HP or Lenovo or Microsoft or Samsung or Asus can’t compete with its performance and quality.

What is the function of the MSI key?

A device management utility from MSI, MSI System Control Manager (SCM) is a built-in program. Function keys must be installed in order to function properly. If you don’t have it installed, your laptop’s function keys may not function properly. In this way, make sure it’s on your machine. As a result, you should understand why you’re trying to figure out How to Remove MSI Laptop Keys?

Is MSI a reputable laptop manufacturer?

a solitary percent YES. MSI is a well-known manufacturer of gaming laptops with a wide selection. There are a lot of minor additions that will make your gaming experience even more enjoyable if you’re a casual gamer. But if you want a non-gaming laptop, MSI isn’t the right choice.

Every now and then, MSI comes up with a new and exciting product. Laptops from MSI are innovative and use only the most cutting-edge technology, making them a fantastic choice for any laptop application.

It’s not, however, what sets it apart. E-sports fans will recognize the name, as it is a well-known brand. n If you do a quick Google search, you’ll find that MSI makes the best gaming laptops. As far as I’m concerned, Google doesn’t bluff.

High-end gaming laptops are the specialty of MSI. When it comes to gaming, the combination of powerful processors and performance-improving technologies like:

  • A lighted keyboard and a more efficient cooling system.

How to Remove MSI Laptop Keys?

Remove MSI Laptop Keys

Before removing any of the keyboard’s keys, make sure the laptop is turned off or at the very least locked.

The Removal of the Keycap

  • To remove the keycap, gently pry it up with your fingernail, a small flat-head screwdriver, or a knife. Try to get as close to the center of a longer key, such as the spacebar, as feasible.
  • It’s common for the key to only partially come out. Remove the keycap using your fingers if it is still attached to the laptop.
  • The laptop’s essential retainer (scissor-switch) remains attached when you remove the pad. Aside from this, it can also be uninstalled from the computer. Using the flat head or the edge of a knife, twist the corner until it comes loose.

Unscrewing a keycap

  • Make a detailed inspection of the key’s bottom using the keyboard’s metal hooks.
  • To make sure the holes in the plastic hinge line up with the metal hooks, turn the plastic component first (new or old).
  • If the cup is utilized, make sure it is equally distributed in the middle of the retainer.
  • Replace the keycap by pressing evenly on all four corners.

How can I replace or repair a broken laptop key?

At any moment, a laptop key could come loose or come off. You may be able to get the key back into place on the keyboard if you try each of the methods listed below.

  • replacing a keycap that has become snagged
  • All the parts that make up a laptop keyboard.
  • The keycap, the keypad, and the key retainer are all components of a laptop key, unlike a desktop key, as seen in the figure.

Pressing down on a keycap that doesn’t fit but is still attached to the laptop is generally enough to fix the problem. When the keycap is reattached, you’ll hear a snap as the key is depressed. You may need to remove the key and reattach it in order to fix the problem. The technique for reattachment is detailed below.

Putting a Keycap back together after it was damaged

In order to get started, insert the key retainer into the computer. After the retainer is in place, you may find it more convenient to use a keypad. It’s important that the retainer is flexible and flat after it’s been put in place (shown in the image below). The retainer for the keypad should be inserted now.

Removing the Keyboard from an MSI Laptop

Afterward, insert the keycap over the retainer in the correct orientation and gently press down. The retainer should accept the key’s tap. Make sure all four sides of the key are pressed down if it doesn’t appear to be in place. Check to check if the key works after it has been snapped in.

  • There is nothing that can be done to fix or replace this key.
  • If the key still doesn’t work after changing the keycap, keypad, or key retainer, the keyboard’s circuit board may be damaged. A faulty circuit board necessitates the replacement of the entire keyboard, which includes the circuit board.

Please check with the laptop maker whether there is an option to get a new keyboard. If the manufacturer will not provide you with a replacement keyboard, you will need to take your notebook to a computer repair shop.

FAQs – How to Remove Msi Laptop Key?

Why Is My Msi Key Not Working?

You must delete and reinstall your laptop’s keyboard drivers in order to fix the problem. You can also fix it by installing the most latest versions of the drivers. Ensure that your laptop’s SSE software is current if the problem persists.

How Do I Control the Light on My Msi Keyboard?

In order to activate the keyboard’s backlight, press the backlight hotkey (note that some models may have lighting that SSE / Dragon Center may activate). Check the backlight to make sure it is still functional.

Is It Safe to Remove Laptop Keys?

Laptop keys can be removed, however, this should be done sparingly to avoid damage to the keys. The keys must be removed to clean below them if anything falls on the laptop.


Trying to figure out How to Remove MSI Laptop Keys? In order to avoid CID (customer-induced damage), be careful when removing the keycap, as the clip behind it can break, resulting in CID (customer-induced damage). Under any condition, avoid using glue to fix your keys. Since it can’t be used, the key is a waste of time.

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