How to Remove Battery From Acer Laptop? Easy Guide

Laptops utilise two distinct types of batteries.

  • Battery COMOS
  • Laptop Battery with High Capacity

Today, we’ll discuss both. To begin, allow me to demonstrate how to remove the Como battery from your Acer laptop. And then I’ll demonstrate how to Remove Battery From Acer Laptop (Battery Power).

Your computer’s flash memory is powered by the CMOS battery. In the absence of electricity, a CMOS battery stores and preserves BIOS settings. Your CMOS battery is attached to your motherboard in the same way that a standard watch battery is. If you need to remove your CMOS battery, you’ll need a screwdriver and roughly ten minutes to do the task.

How to Remove Battery From Acer Laptop [Step by Step Guide]

Step 1: Turn off your gadget and unplug the power cable from it.

Step 2: Remove the two screws that secure the case’s side.

Step 3: Locate and analyse your motherboard. The CMOS battery will be located in the same location as a large watch battery, but will be significantly more difficult to remove due to its location on the motherboard and increased size.

Step 4: Using your fingers, gently pull the battery-free, as shown above.

How to Remove Battery From Acer Laptop in 30 Seconds?

remove Battery From Acer Laptop

Lithium-ion batteries are used in Acer PCs and netbooks. The lithium-ion battery in a laptop features an integrated CPU that automatically calculates the remaining charge, and the Windows-to-lithium-ion battery level computation converts it to you. Frequently, the Battery shows incorrect data, resulting in the battery ceasing to charge or dying unexpectedly. It can be corrected through “calibration,” which totally drains and refills the Battery.

  1. Turn off the Aspire.
  2. Inject the alternating current power adaptor.
  3. Wait until the LED light turns solid blue before charging the Battery.
  4. Begin using your Acer Aspire
  5. Unplug the AC adapter.
  6. Click the battery icon in the device tray to activate the battery options.
  7. If it is not already marked as “High Performance,” click the radio button.
  8. On the left pane, click “Change When the Computer Sleeps” to change it while the computer is in sleep mode.
  9. After selecting all of the items in the “Battery” column, use the drop-down box to remove them from the selection. Save your changes.
  10. To begin, click Start and type “cmd” without the quotation marks.
  11. To launch “cmd.exe” as an administrator, right-click the results and choose “Run as administrator.” Then enter your login and password.
  12. Enter the following line and press ‘Enter’: (powercfg.exe /disable-hibernation)
  13. Allow the battery to completely drain.
  14. Allow the battery to charge, connect the AC adapter, and wait for it to finish.

Bonus: How to remove the Battery from Apple Laptop

  • Please unplug your Apple Book from the charger and turn it off.
  • Close the laptop’s lid.
  • Invert your Apple Book.
  • Then, on the front right side of your laptop, look for an unlocking slot.
  • You can use a coin to unlock it.
  • When a grey button is pressed, the 1-4 light will illuminate.
  • Reposition the Battery and remove the card.

FAQs ― How to Remove Battery From Acer Laptop

How do I take the Battery out of my Acer laptop?

Remove the two 4mm screws with a PH0 screwdriver. Depress the battery tabs with a soft plastic usage tool. Disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard using a metal spudger. To remove the plug, gently detach it from the laptop and then pull it out.

Is there a reset button on my Acer laptop?

Simultaneously press and hold the “Alt” and “F10” buttons until the Acer logo shows on the keyboard. Consider these keys as being repeatedly tapped on the Acer One; this resets it each time.

Can I use laptop without Battery?

Yes, it is possible to use a laptop without a battery. However, check that you are using the Acer laptop’s original power adapter and not a different power supply or one with a different voltage. If the power fluctuates too much, components on the motherboard may fail, which the Battery will take care of.

How do you force restart an Acer laptop?

1) Press and hold the power button for five seconds to restart the machine. It would be beneficial if you could be confident that the machine will shut down. There should be no light illuminating the on or off switch. Are the lights still on? Remove the power cable from the laptop, and the computer will automatically shut off.

2) Wait thirty seconds.

3) Restart the system by pressing the ‘OK’ key.

Is Acer Aspire 3 battery removable?

On the left side of the laptop, there are two LED indications for power and hard drive activity. There is no method to disconnect the battery. Additionally, the bottom of the case features two quick-access panels for the RAM and hard drive, which is a good addition.