How to Play PS4 on Laptop With HDMI? Step by Step

The Covid-19 epidemic has triggered a global recession, and while gamers are going bananas over Sony’s recent PlayStation V (PS5) debut, we doubt Sony will be able to earn as much money right now. Because of this, the PS4 is still in high demand and is expected to be for some time to come

Far Cry on the PlayStation 4 might be a frustrating experience if you find your television won’t turn on. Those who play video games are drawn to their computers when they find themselves in this type of circumstance. This post will teach you How to Play PS4 on Laptop With HDMI? Continue reading to learn how.

Features of HDMI


HDMI is the most commonly used high definition transmission for transmitting both video and audio in high definition over a single link. –

For both business and residential AV applications, it is a popular choice. For connecting gadgets to the television, such as DVD players, Blu-ray players, PlayStations, and AppleTVs, HDMI is the most often used cable in homes.

More and more, HDMI is being used to connect audio-video equipment in the home, but it is also being used to connect laptops and desktop PCs. Because of its ability to transfer high-quality audio and video signals across devices in the corporate, educational, and commercial sectors, it is now the industry standard.


  • 10.4 to 11.0 megabits per second is the maximum data transfer rate for these connections.
  • In recent years, HDMI cables have become increasingly popular as a high-definition transmission medium. In addition, SCART leads can be obtained upon request.
  • The actual advantage of HDMI leads is that they lessen the amount of cords attached to the back of your HDTVs.
  • HDMI ports are standard on most modern electronic entertainment devices. HDMI cables resemble USB cords in appearance.
  • A single HDMI cable can carry up to eight separate audio channels. It is already possible to use HDMI cables that can handle future expansions.
  • HDMI cable prices are mostly determined by their specifications and functions.

How to Play PS4 on Laptop With HDMI?

HDMI makes it simple to play PS4 on a laptop; all you need are adequate connections. Now, I’ll go How to Play PS4 on Laptop With HDMI?

Through Remote Plays

With Sony’s remote play streaming service, we’ll connect the PS4 and laptop screen using the first method.

How does Remote Play work?

Sony’s new Remote Play function allows customers to play PlayStation 4 games on other devices that are also compatible. To play your favourite games, you don’t have to worry about whether anyone else is watching television; you may do so on your phone or laptop.

Things You’ll Need to Make a Remote Play Connection

You can play games on your PC or Mac using Sony’s remote play service, which is a PlayStation 4 feature that lets you do so from the comfort of your own living room.

However, in order to connect the PS4 and laptop, you’ll need the following equipment.

  • PlayStation 4 Console
  • PlayStation 4 Account
  • Internet
  • USB cord
  • PC


  • Install Remote Play on your PC first.
  • On your console, go to Settings > Psn Network > User Management and connect to the Internet. Enable “Activate as Primary PS4.”
  • Use ‘System Software Update’ to bring your device’s software up to version 3.50.
  • Go to Settings > Remote Play Connections and select Remote Play Linking Settings.
  • Your console must be turned on in order to use Remote Play on a Mac or PC (or better yet, in rest mode).
  • Open the Electricity settings. Sleep Mode Settings > Save Options. Turn on PS4’s Network-Based Turning.
  • Start the downloaded Remote Play programme on your PC.
  • To get the most out of your gaming experience, go to the Settings menu and tweak the refresh rate and resolution to your monitor’s specifications. The more efficient your desktop computer is, the more graphic possibilities you have available to you. 
  • You can do this by plugging up your PS4 controller’s USB port to your desktop computer. Alternatively, you can use your controller’s PlayStation and Sharing buttons simultaneously to establish a wireless connection.
  • Wait until the operator’s LED flashes before connecting it to your laptop via the USB port. In around four to five seconds, your controller will connect to the Internet. The procedure might be repeated if it takes longer than expected.
  • Using the credentials from your console, start the Remote Play software on your PC or MAC. The PS4 will not be able to connect to the PC if the console is not powered on.

Through Capture Card

If you can’t connect your PS4 to a laptop through HDMI and remote play, this approach is guaranteed to work.

Things You’ll Need for a Capture Card for Connections

You may still utilize a Capture Card to play PS4 games on a laptop’s HDMI display. To set up the environment, the following components are necessary.

  • Laptop
  • Ethernet cables connected to a single router
  • Card for Video Capture
  • HDMI with Dual Functions
  • PlayStation 4 Console
  • File Sharing Is Now Available


  • Using a USB cable, connect the VCC to your computer and activate it. Using a high-quality VCC is recommended.
  • Any PlayStation 4 console with an S-Video port can be equipped with the Video Capture Card. You should connect the console’s HDMI-out port to the VCC’s HDMI-in port.
  • Activate the console and open the Video Capture Card software on your PC. You’ll be able to see your console on the screen.

FAQs – How to Play Ps4 on Laptop With HDMI

Can I Play Ps4 Without Hdmi?

Connecting a PS4 to a TV without HDMI is as simple and precise as using an HDMI converter. Its signal is then transformed into one that can be viewed on a television set. Using the HDMI cable, connect the Playstation portable to one end and the HDMI converter to the other.

How Can You Use Your Laptop as a Monitor for My Ps4?

To utilise your notebook as a monitor, you’ll need an HDMI or video capture device. With the help of Ps Remote Play, you may play your PlayStation 4 on your laptop by enabling the feature and connecting it to the PS4. PS Vita-like remote access to PlayStation 4 games via your desktop is possible, just like with the PS4.

Does PS4 Remote Play Work on a Laptop?

PS Remote Play is compatible with Android and iOS devices, including the iPhone and iPad, as well as Windows and Mac computers.


According to my research, the primary two methods of How to Play PS4 on Laptop With HDMI are also relatively convenient and quick to access.

The simplest way to connect an HDMI cable to your laptop is to plug it in.

The simplest and most cost-effective way to view your computer’s output screen is to connect your laptop to an HDMI port. According to my research, the two basic techniques for playing PS4 on a laptop screen through HDMI are also rather quick and easy to access.

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