How to Overclock Hp Laptop Easy Guide

If your office business accessories includes vintage HP laptops that perform significantly slower than newer HP purchases equipped with Intel’s Turbo-Boost technology, do not immediately discard them. 

Do you want to know How to Overclock Hp Laptop? Without spending a dime, you may be able to achieve a noticeable performance boost with few free software and a some hours of your time. Simply backup all documents and ancillary data on your HP’s primary drive before overclocking your laptop.

What Is Overclocking?

How to Overclock Hp Laptop

Your laptop’s CPU is factory configured to run at a specific maximum speed. If you run your CPU at that speed with adequate cooling, it should perform flawlessly. However, you are frequently not constrained by that CPU speed. You can boost the CPU’s speed by increasing the laptop’s clock rate or multiplier, which forces the CPU to perform more operations per second. 

It will accelerate your CPU and thus your laptop if its CPU limits it, but the CPU will generate additional heat. If you do not provide additional cooling, it may become physically damaged or unstable, causing your laptop to blue-screen or restart.

Why There Is to Overclock Your Laptop?

Overclocking has obvious benefits: you obtain a faster CPU capable of performing more operations per second. On the other hand, overclocking has become less critical over time. It once resulted in a more responsive desktop and faster performance in Microsoft Office; laptops have become powerful enough that most users will likely notice no difference.

Because other components of your laptop, perhaps a mechanical hard drive, if you do not have solid-state storage, are likely to be bottlenecking performance, you may not notice a noticeable difference most of the time. Overclocking is still a viable option for gamers and enthusiasts who want their hardware to run as quickly as possible. 

Even gamers, however, will discover that overclocking no longer works as well as it used to because modern CPUs are so fast and games are so graphically limited. However, depending on your system and the games you’re playing, overclocking a GPU may result in a marginal performance boost.

Side Effects of Overclocking

As is the case with many of things in life, there is a catch. When a CPU is overclocked, it operates at a higher temperature and voltage, which can upset the delicate balance of resources on your motherboard. 

As a result, your system may behave erratically or become unstable. Overclocking generates additional heat that must dissipate, or your laptop will suffer damage. Heat is a bad thing in laptops, as their cooling capacity is limited. 

Even worse for performance-obsessed enthusiasts, there may be no immediate gain to offset the long-term pain. If your laptop’s temperature rises too high, it will protect itself by reducing performance, which is the polar opposite of what you want.

How to Overclock Hp Laptop?

Overclocking Software for Hp

Due to the inherent dangers of overclocking in laptops, few are designed for it. In HP’s case, the Omen X series of gaming laptops are your best bet for overclocking. They feature ample cooling and robust power supplies, and many models include overclockable CPUs. Omen Command Center, Hewlett Packard’s configuration utility, includes an overclocking section. 

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Select “Overclocking” from the left-hand menu bar and choose whether to watch or skip the overclocking tutorial that appears. You’re then presented with a screen that permit you to run a benchmark to establish a baseline for your laptop’s current performance. After that, you can begin experimenting with the overclocking options.

Overclock Your CPU

Three sliders will appear, allowing you to increase the “multiplier” for each core of your processor, the CPU’s voltage, and if you’re using an Intel chip, the cache ratio. If one’s not familiar with these terms, it is prudent to pause here and conduct some online research to determine recommended settings. 

Alternatively, you can make it up as you go. Increase your settings slightly, save them, and rerun your benchmarks to determine the degree of improvement. If your system remains stable, experiment with slight tweaks to see what happens. It is a dangerous strategy on some machines, but the Omen Command Center will prevent you from causing any real damage.

If you exceed the laptop’s limits and cause the system to become unstable, the Command Center restores your laptop to its last stable configuration and restarts it.

Several Additional Alternatives

Depending on the configuration of your particular laptop, you may also notice a tab that allows you to overclock the system memory for an additional performance boost. To accelerate your RAM, select that tab and click the “Turbo” option. Accept the changes by clicking again, and your system will reboot with the new settings. 

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This option is only available if you have the appropriate RAM, so don’t fret if it isn’t present. Regrettably, you may enter Omen Command Center and discover that there is no menu option for overclocking. It indicates that your system is equipped with a “locked” processor chip that cannot overclock. If that is the case, you will need to resort to routine tweaking and tuning to coax an improved performance from your laptop.

Additional Techniques for Enhancing Performance

How to Overclock Hp Laptop

If you’re a member of an online gaming community, casually mentioning that you’re overclocking your CPU is an easy way to earn some “geek cred.” While being a masterful system tweaker may not be as glamorous, it is a subtle skill set in its own right, with the added benefit of working on any computer. 

While there are numerous tutorials and suggestions available online, a few fundamentals are always beneficial. To begin, keep your system dust- and dirt-free. Dust traps heat, which means that a dusty system cannot operate as efficiently or for as long without throttling. Additionally, research the best drivers for your video card and keep them updated regularly. 

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Nvidia, AMD, and Intel are constantly optimizing their drivers for increased performance and stability. Another critical tip is to free up as many system resources as possible. Close any unused programs before launching your game. Set Windows Updates and other programs to prevent them from downloading updates in the background, slowing down your computer and your internet connection.

FAQs – How to Overclock Hp Laptop?

Does Overclocking Increase Fps?

Yes, but how much it improves frame rates depends on the game and the GPU’s relative performance. In games that rely on a CPU, like BF3, OCing the CPU can help if the GPU is good enough not to limit frame rates.

Is Overclocking Ram Safe?

Overclocking RAM isn’t as risky as overclocking CPU or GPU. Overclocked CPUs and GPUs can be much louder than stock. Memory doesn’t produce much heat, so it’s safe.

Is Overclocking Gpu Bad?

Your GPU will become hotter and more stressed as you overclock it, but it’s failsafe mechanisms will kick in before it explodes. A few crashes, freezes, or black screens are the worst. If this happens, go back to the drawing board and slow down.

Is Overclocking Illegal?

Overclocking is allowed. It’s better to do it yourself, but if you must hire someone, make sure they have a good reputation. It’s easy to fry parts if you’re not careful, and they could say it’s faulty or your fault.


Do you want to know How to Overclock Hp Laptop? Firstly you have to Select “Overclocking” from the left-hand menu bar and choose whether to watch or skip the overclocking tutorial that appears. You’re then presented with a screen that permit you to run a benchmark to establish a baseline for your current laptop performance.

After that, you can begin experimenting with the overclocking options. By following the upper steps, you can overclock your hp laptop.

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