How to Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming?

PC gaming is one of the best methods to having fun. For a variety of reasons, gamers choose to play high-end video games on PC. And today I’ll demonstrate how to optimise Windows 10 for gaming. How to take pleasure in outperforming your opponents.

The number of PC gamers is increasing at a breakneck pace. According to recent figures, 1.2 billion individuals worldwide use personal computers to play video games.

Microsoft’s most recent operating system, Windows 10, stoked players’ enthusiasm. It encourages the player to play video games on personal computers. A player will not find a better platform for unrestricted gaming of any video game.

It’s been a long time since Windows 10 launched. Even after four years of use, I’ve seen that the majority of professional gamers have yet to embrace this operating system. They are either unaware of numerous valuable features or are unsure how to use them.

Improving your personal Windows 10 is critical for gaming. You must ensure that your system is equipped with everything necessary to play the latest titles and video games.

Let us examine the prerequisites. As such, the system should not annoy you with needless pop-ups during the game. Do you want to ensure that your gaming experience is unaffected by the system? As a result, you must disable a large number of functions, programmes, and software.

I’m going to explore many aspects of optimising Windows 10 for gaming in this article. Windows 10 provides a plethora of gaming-related features. And a professional gamer should become familiar with these elements in order to offer value to PC gaming.

Are you struggling to optimise Windows 10 for gaming? Then you must remain glued to the screen and read the entire essay; I’m confident that at the conclusion, you will have resolved your issue.

How to Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming? Six Excellent Modifications

How to Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming

Windows 10 Visual Effects Configuration

Additionally, this adaption can improve your Windows 10 gaming performance. It’s always something I recommend, particularly for low-end gaming computers. Although this step will have little influence on high-end gaming PCs, I try it nevertheless.

  • Press the Windows key plus the I key.
  • Press appearances
  • Adjust the appearance and performance by selecting Windows
  • To optimise performance, click Adjust.
  • Make Modifications
  • Select OK.

To put it simply, suppose we have a Windows operating system installed on our computer. Then it is ready to present a lovely gleaming interface. In PC gaming, we require every inch of the processor. As a result, we’re blocking all bright styles in order to optimise efficiency for gaming.

Microsoft Windows 10 Gaming Mode

When it comes to game mode, Windows 10 lags behind competing operating systems. Microsoft ships with the latest version of Windows 10.

A gaming mode dedicated to assisting gamers in optimising their performance. This latest invention aims to enhance the performance of Windows devices by focusing on gaming requirements.

A computer in active mode will prioritise gaming tasks over all other work in the queue. This modifies the entire priority system, resulting in an increase in gaming performance.

Simply simply, this format is entirely devoted to gaming on Windows PCs. When a user selects this mode, the PC prioritises gaming above other background tasks. Users can activate this option to provide the computer with enhanced performance for gaming.

  • Navigate to the Windows settings
  • Select a game choice.
  • Select the Game Mode tab and activate the game mode.

While playing the game on a Windows PC, gamers can switch to this mode. You press the “Windows + G” keys repeatedly, and the game will switch to mode.

Disable Steam’s auto-update feature

Automatic updating is enabled by default on Steam. It updates the game anytime a network connection is available. This strategy is really beneficial, as consumers receive updates in the background. While users are engaged in gaming or performing other chores.

However, some critical upgrades may knock you off the field and into the waiting line. This delay detracts from the gaming experience. Additionally, it eliminates automatic renewal, forcing you to make a decision.

However, not all updates may be turned off with a single click. Such alternatives do not exist. You can disable updates that take you out of the game in the middle.

  • The account determines the settings in steam.
  • Select Downloads from the settings menu.
  • You can now uncheck the download box while playing.
  • You’d better leave now. This optimization will ensure that you have the greatest possible game experience.

Deactivate Mouse Acceleration

Acceleration on the mouse is a drag on performance, particularly in first-person shooter games. By disabling this precision, your mouse movement will feel more precise. Indeed, it improves by a factor of a hundred.

Precision point concealed within the control panel. And not only moves your mouse, but also its speed.

  • Navigate to your control panel
  • Choose your hardware and audio
  • Devices and printers with a click
  • Select the mouse from the device’s menu.
  • Windows click the pointer choices in the mouse properties.
  • Deactivate the improved pointer precision option.
  • You’re finished when you click Apply.
  • Update on Graphics Cards

The GPU is a critical component for gaming. If your GPU is not up to date with the latest improvements, it may be difficult to run the latest AAA titles smoothly.

Additionally, Windows assists you with GPU updates. GPU updates are inconvenient and take up the majority of the time installed.

Find the model of your graphics card

  • Navigate to the manufacturer’s website and type in the model number of your GPU.
  • Download and install the driver
  • Restart your computer.
  • This can be accomplished through the use of various driver software programmes. Driver software, for example, such as Driver Easy, is an excellent utility. It is effective at locating and installing all required driver updates.

Closing Inactive Apps

In Windows, you can keep the apps you download from the official store running in the background. Statistics are downloaded, the application is updated to the newest version, and a notification is displayed. Occasionally, we acquire them for a specific purpose and overlook installing or disabling them.

They deplete our batteries, display unnecessary notifications, and occasionally disrupt our gaming sessions. We need to close these unneeded programmes in order to optimise Windows 10 for gaming.

You can disable them in Windows 10 by following these steps.

  • Activate settings
  • Select Privacy.
  • Select Background applications.
  • Additionally, you may choose which apps to run in the background and which to shut.

FAQs – How to Optimize Windows 10 for Gaming?

Does RAM increase FPS?

More RAM will improve your efficiency in this game. RAM is critical for gaming computers. If you have less than 2GB of RAM, increasing your RAM will affect your game’s frame rate. Thus, it is a fact that increasing RAM results in an increase in FPS.

What computer part increases FPS?

When it comes to frame rate, the three most critical variables are the GPU, the CPU, and the amount of RAM. This is a significant concern. Additionally, your GPU and Processor are crucial, as is your RAM.

Can CPU affect FPS?

While this may be an accurate picture of reality, the quality of the game is dependent on the type. In some games, such as first-person shooters and racing games, the CPU has a negligible effect on graphic quality. Few people (if anyone at all) have attempted performance evaluations on a variety of CPUs.


Windows 10 is an excellent desktop operating system that supports video game play. It includes a slew of features and bundles that benefit users in a variety of ways.

Due to the features and performance of the PC, gamers may easily find a better spot to play. The above-mentioned gaming modifications will assist you in improving your Windows 10 experience.

I made every effort to cover every part of your Windows 10 experience while playing a high-speed AAA title game. A clean and improved computer is required to run the latest video games and make them playable.

I hope this article has assisted you in playing video games without experiencing freezing or graphic issues. If you have a question or would want to ask something, feel free to do so in the comments area.

I’m here to assist you and find an appropriate solution to your situation.