How to Open Hp 15 Laptop? Step by Step Guide

Today, I’ll show you how to open hp 15 laptop. There are numerous variations on this theme.

First, I’ll show you how to take apart the notebook base if you’re unfamiliar with this procedure. Disassembly is the second component.

Since HP’s original laptop PCs came in a variety of flavours and settings, the HP 15 Notebook laptop is no exception. The following models can be used with these instructions:

HP 15-ac series

15-ac020nr, 15-ac163nr, 15-ac177cl, 15-ac113cl, 15-ac120nr, 15-ac143wm, 15-ac147cl, 15-ac151dx, 15-ac157cl, 15-ac158dx, 15-ac161nr, 15-ac183tu, 15-ac185nr 15-ac121dx, 15-ac130ds, 15-ac136ds, 15-ac137cl, 15-ac143dx, 

HP 15-af series

15-af015nr, 15-af087nw, 15-af131dx, 15-af135nr, 15-af139ca, 15-af141dx, 15-af093ng, 15-af112nr, 15-af113cl, 15-af123cl, 15-af127ca, 15-af152n, 15-af175nr

HP 15-ay series

15-ay009dx, 15-ay011nr, 15-ay013nr, 15-ay018nr, 15-ay020ds, 15-ay039wm, 15-ay122cl, 15-ay145nr, 15-ay163nr, 15-ay196nr, 15-ay173dx, 15-ay177cl, 15-ay191ms, 15-ay196nr, 15-ay041wm, 15-ay065nr, 15-ay067nr, 15-ay068ca, 15-ay068nr, 15-ay078nr, 15-ay103dx, 

HP 15-ba series

15-ba009dx, 15-ba015wm, 15-ba057cl, 15-ba067cl, 15-ba079dx, 15-ba018wm, 15-ba039au, 15-ba044au, 15-ba053nr, 15-ba088nr, 15-ba113cl, 15-ba043wm

How To Open HP 15 Laptop Base Model (Step by Step Guide)

Open Hp 15 Laptop


  • Removing the battery is the first step in disassembling any electrical device. Batteries for this equipment are also available for purchase
  • Before disassembling, make sure the CD/DVD drive is unlocked. The DVD drive should be removed from the computer.
  • The bottom scenario should be dismantled.

Simply remove the case’s bottom screw to fix the issue. Look for any screws that were hidden when the laptop was put together.


  • With a plastic case opener, you can easily remove the palm rest.


  • Pull the bottom plate off of the laptop by turning it 180 degrees.


  • Remove the three screws securing the hard drive bracket to the case with a Phillips screwdriver.
  • Disconnect the yellow hard drive cable from the motherboard (exhausted hard drive warning).
  • Okay Next, remove the cable from the connector by unlocking it.
  • Carefully raise the locking tab to release the cable.
  • The connector must be removed before the cable may be removed.


  • Remove the hard disc by opening the laptop.
  • Storage devices should not rely on standard hard discs. In order to have the most performance, I recommend upgrading to a 2.5′′ SATA solid-state drive.
  • Instead of waiting for the hard drive or SSD to fail, get a whole new one. The bracket and SATA cable must be relocated to the new drive as well.

STEP 6: 

  • All RAM modules must be removed.


  • The USB LED status board can be repaired by loosening a screw on the connector. Remove the motherboard’s power cord.


  • To remove the USB LED status board, disconnect it from the motherboard.
  • Remove the screw holding the optical DVD drive in place. Remove the motherboard’s power cord.
    Disconnect the optical drive board for easier access.


  • Disconnect the power cord from the motherboard and remove the screw holding the optical DVD drive in place.
  • Disconnect the optical drive board for easier access.

STEP 10.

  • Remove the two screws that hold the cooling fan in place from the case.
  • Unplug the motherboard’s power cord from the motherboard’s power adapter.

STEP 11.

  • Remove the fan from the cooling system. 813946-001 is the component number for the fan.
  • In HP 15 notebooks, battery removal and reinsertion is easier because the DC power jack is located near the hinge. Remove it, please.

Step 12.

  • Disconnect the Wi-Fi card’s Ethernet or wireless network cable.
  • Disconnect the motherboard’s DC power port from the motherboard’s motherboard power switch connection.

STEP 13: 

  • Make sure all the cables are away from the monitor and then take out two screws from the display hinge.

STEP 14.

  • Removing the DC power jack is as simple as opening the hinge and pulling it out.

Step 15.

  • The laptop’s power button is always found on the right side.
  • Disconnect the motherboard cable from the unit by removing the screw and the cable connector from the motherboard.
  • If you want to keep the button, begin by stripping the cord from the case and removing the button board.

Step 16.

  • Gently remove the card by removing the side-slot screw.

Step 17.

  • To remove the motherboard from the case, only five screws are required.
  • The speakers, keyboard, touchpad, and touchpad all need to be unplugged.

STEP 18.

  • Remove the motherboard from the case if it has been separated.
  • It is common for HP notebook PCs to have a keyboard that is permanently attached to the top of the chassis.
  • A new case would only be necessary if the keyboard fails to function, which is unlikely.
  • In this case, though, the touchpad’s control board can be removed.

HP 15 notebook PC LCD screen removal.

The first sequence isn’t the basis for this one. Be sure to remove the battery before attempting to remove the display screen.

Begin the process of disconnecting the monitor from the back panel. Removing the case’s bezel is as simple as wriggling it out of the way. Start at the top of the screen and work your way down.

Use rim-mounted adhesive tape to keep the LCD screen attached to the bezel. Take the object and put it on its back.

  • Take the whole dial forward.
  • Remove the four Phillips screws that hold the LCD panel in place on the brackets by loosening them.
  • If you have the option, place the screen on the keyboard face down.
  • Plugging the cable into the socket is all that is required.
  • To remove the copper strip from the screen, take care not to damage it when doing so.
  • Detach the monitor’s video wire from the panel using the tape that is used to secure it and remove the cable from the panel.
  • To replace the LCD screen, just remove the old one and install the new one.
  • A new LCD panel can be used to replace the original’s model number. For my part, I’ve offered the model number B156K01 during this stage.

FAQs ― How to Open HP 15 Laptop?

How do I open my HP laptop?

1) Shut off your computer.

2) The bottom of the computer should be facing outward when the laptop is placed this way.

3) To release the battery, slide the release switch to the right.

4) Remove the hard drive cover by removing the two screws.

5) SUnscrew all screws from behind the door.

6) You’re all done now.

How do I take the back off my HP 17 laptop?

1) Open the machine’s case with a plastic opening tool and flip it over.

2) Draw a circle around the laptop’s outer edge. To get the greatest results, make sure you keep your tool in the front and back sections of the hammerhead at all times.

3) Assemble and remove the laptop’s lid by pulling it up on its backside. You now have complete control over the system.


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