How To Make Sims 4 Run Faster on Laptop? Step by Step

This post will teach you How To Make Sims 4 Run Faster on Laptop. The most effective method of reducing latency in Sims 4 is to clean your computer by eliminating unnecessary or obsolete files. Additionally, you can add custom content files to speed up The Sims 4, or you can adjust your game’s settings to alleviate computer stress.

Keep the Sims 4 Running Smoothly

If you’ve played The Sims 3, you’ve almost certainly missed out on some truly horrific unavailability, glitches, and unplayable cities. One of Sims 4’s strongest aspects is how fluid the game is, especially on older systems. This does not, however, imply that you will be in hot water. If your game is running slowly, consider some of the following suggestions.

Customs Maintenance Test

While I have not seen widespread evidence of major folder difficulties with custom content, it is worth checking for yourself. Simply copy and paste your Sims 4 folder modes (found in My Documents> Electronic Arts> Sims 4) to a new location, then remove the folder.

Restart your game and check for a correction action. If everything goes fine, you may still have a mode or custom content file causing the issue or issues with processing all your files to your computer.

Update Modes

Could be incompatible with your game and cause you troubles. Generally, these issues will be able to initiate the context or play the session. Still, clashing modes may generate further complications, such as when your sims ignore your commands to do something as a result of the encounter. While the majority of contemporary creators update their techniques every few days with a new patch, if a mode has not been updated in a while, you may need to erase it entirely.

Adjust Settings

On the Game Options menu, you can alter a range of options to optimise the performance of your game. While adjusting parameters will result in lower-quality graphics, you should notice a noticeable boost in the game’s performance. Each object hovering above explains how the setting will effect your game. Begin with more modest settings, complete with pictures.

Clear Your SIM List

If your Sims are collectors, their inventory may become overflowing. The game constantly monitors listings in order to provide immediate access to them. Cleaning them on a regular basis can significantly reduce load times and overall break durations. Two chests are available for storage: Arnett Beauty and Beware of Buyers.

Use Small Lots With Low Decorations

If your computer has fewer objects connected to the action as you play, you can lessen the lag in your game. You’re playing on modest lots with sparse greenery and water elements. If you require a large house, consider dividing it into multiple levels rather than a single level.

Check Your Computer

Examining your PC for issues might aid in the smooth operation of Sims 4 and other apps. Ascertain that the programme from which you launch your antivirus is virus-free. Ascertain that your graphics card’s drivers are current.

While you’re playing a game, take note of the programmes that are operating in the background. If you’re running your browser with 10 other programmes, this may have an effect on the game’s performance. Close all apps except the most crucial ones before loading the game the next time.

Repair Your Game

Repairing your sport might address a variety of difficulties. This is the first thing I do upon completion of each project. Additionally, it is simple to accomplish. Once the original has been opened, right-click on Sims 4 and select Repair Game. Depending on how many packs and expands you have, this may take a few minutes to complete. During the process, you will not lose any settings or saved data.

How To Make Sims 4 Run Faster on Laptop

How To Make Sims 4 Run Faster on Laptop

Method: 1 Cleaning Out Your Computer

Delete obsolete and inactive files. Sort through your folders, including images and papers, and discard everything you don’t need. The fact that source files are virtually always stored on your hard drive means that you do not require a computer to store information such as temporary files for programmes.

Thus, you may upload your images and videos to cloud storage services like Google Drive; they will not take up space on your PC.

  • It will help your Mac or Windows computer run faster, and you will feel less tethered to Sims 4.
  • Remove all rubbish from your trash can or place it in the race box. These recordings are saved on your computer and can quickly fill up your storage drive, causing your Sims 4 game to lag.

This can be accomplished by right-clicking or by selecting empty from the Command menu

  • Remove obsolete programmes and applications. On a Windows computer, this feature is located in the Control Panel.
  • On a Mac, you can install applications from the Applications folder. Uninstalling these software and applications can restart your computer and assist it in running more efficiently.

All of these procedures will assist in speeding up your Mac or Windows computer and reducing clutter on the Sims 4.

FAQS – How To Make Sims 4 Run Faster on Laptop

Why is Sims 4 so slow on my laptop?

As long as the graphics choices are set to low, laptop mode will be enabled. Additionally, you should update your drivers from if they are out of date.

Is Sims 4 good on laptop?

Intel produces laptop processors: the i5-8300H and 9300H are excellent and ideal for Sims 4. The i7-8750H and 9750H are sufficiently powerful for sports, but are overkill. However, Intel also produces lower-end processors, such as those labelled i5 or i7.

Why is Sims 4 so Glitchy?

Occasionally, this can be a problem for a large number of products in inventory SIMs and home inventory. Attempt a few items from the inventories and see if they assist. Rearranging your SIMs 4 folder may help.

How do you make Sims 4 less laggy?

1) Remove the check marks next to the following items from the list: Internet-based functionality and Transmit user data to others.
2) You can change this setting by right-clicking The Sims 4 icon in Origin’s Games folder and selecting The Sims 4) 32-bit from the menu that appears.
3) Reinstall the graphics driver software on your computer.


To tie together the topic of How To Make Sims 4 Run Faster on Laptop, there are several approaches to introduce Sims 4 in this post. If you have an excellent suggestion for making Sims 4 run faster on Windows 10, please share it in the comment section.