How to Make FanArt on Computer? Complete Guide 2021

Nowadays, many painters use some kind of computer and picture program to create their works. Drawing tools are available in a wide variety of graphics editing applications, allowing users to create their own images on a computer screen.

The cost of the programs varies from free to expensive. In digital mode, different mouse styles mimic the sense of writing items and let users draw more organically. Painting on a computer may take some time to get used to, but once you do, you’ll have access to an almost limitless universe of digital art possibilities.

For those who enjoy fan art and are curious about how to create it on a computer, this article is for you. Read through the steps outlined in the technique below to learn How to Make Fanart on Computer quickly and efficiently.

What is Fan Art?

Fan art has been a part of the fandom community for decades. “Star Wars,” “Star Trek,” and “Twilight,” to “Harry Potter” and “Twilight,” are just some of the many media franchises that have inspired fans to produce art based on their favorite characters.

Fanart can take a variety of forms, ranging from traditional portrait sketches and illustrations to computer-generated images. When it comes to “original” art, there are a lot of talented people involved.

The evolution of fanart

Pen-and-ink, simple line art was used in the early fan art, as it was the easiest to reproduce before Xerox machines were widely available to the general public. Fanzine covers and special issues have typically been reserved for color artwork due to the prohibitive cost of color printing.

In certain cases, fanzine producers pay for upcoming fanzines in advance to help cover the costs of producing better quality artworks for the upcoming issue. Today, many of these fanzines from the past few decades are highly sought after for their art.

Is the creation of fan art allowed?

Fanart regulations are frequently debated within the fandom community, and because copyright laws vary from nation to country, it’s not always easy to find an answer.

It is the original owner of the copyright, not the artist, who owns any rights to fan art that is considered a “derived work.”

This means that the artist cannot display or sell the work without permission from its original owner, and they should not be allowed to do so without first obtaining a license.

How to Make Fanart on Computer?

Make FanArt on Computer
  • Make use of a graphic software application that offers a wide variety of drawing and artistic tools and features. Many artists use Photoshop as an alternative, but it can be pricey.
  • GIMP is a photo-editing application that is as powerful as Photoshop. It’s free for both Mac and PC platforms.
  • Creative equipment including pencils, brushes, oils, and aquarelles can be found in ArtRage. You may be able to draw on your computer with the help of some of these programs.
  • Navigate to the “File” menu and pick “New” in your drawing software. Your photograph should be of a specific size. Initially, think about keeping the image on a computer paper sheet. Upon completion of your blank document, press OK.
  • Start by choosing a tool. For drawing, it is best to utilize a simple pencil tool. The mouse or digital pen can be used to sketch on digital paper. Maintaining hand stability while moving your hand as you would with a real pencil or stylus might be a challenge.
  • Get familiar with some of the drawing tools that are available. Preset lines and forms in art software allow you to precisely construct the most important components of your artwork.
  • To draw a line, press and hold the left mouse button while clicking on the line tool. Simply release the line and voila! You’ll have a perfectly straight path.
  • The same holds true for circles, squares, triangles, and other geometric shapes. Use as many of these components as you can in your drawing. If you can’t use pre-defined shapes, you can use the freehand tool and draw without them snapping into place.
  • To begin, create a simple drawing. To learn how to sketch, you don’t have to be an artist. You can make your computer designs more complex by honing your attention to detail over time.
  • When you’re in the mood to do some digital sketching, try out some coloring tools to add some color to your drawings. Painting brushes and paint and charcoal pencil textures can also be used to enhance the realism of your computer-generated images.
  • These tools are typically found in the “Tools” menu or floating palette, so click on them to unleash your creative juices. An eraser tool has been added to drawing apps so that you can remove anything you don’t like.

Sketches of Fan Art in a Variety of Styles

Make Fan Art in the Cartoon Style

The great thing about cartoons is that they don’t have to adhere to any specific measurements or body types. The higher you go, the better you’ll be. Real-life faces lack the expressiveness and exaggerated postures of cartoons. The heads of cartoon characters tend to be larger than the rest of the body, which aids in the creation of expressive features.

Before adding the clothing, it isn’t necessary to depict the entire body in cartoon sketches. The body structure is created first using lines for the upper and lower torso as well as the vertebrae of the lower torso. Then the details such as the upper arms and lower arms are added.

Draw Realistic Fan Art Style

To make realistic fan art, you need to have a firm grasp of human anatomy, as well as the proper proportions for each part of the body. The simplest way is to get an artist a copy of Stephen Rogers’ Atlas of Human Anatomy, which is an anatomy book for figure drawing.

There is a slew of online resources available to help you locate accurate data. The general approach is as follows: start with the basic framework of the body, then add the basic shapes of the muscles, and last add the final clothing. When drawing, keep your lines light so that you may easily erase all of your pencils by tracing over your drawing.

Draw Manga Fan Art Style

Exaggerated dimensions and facial traits, as well as simplified and styled hair, can be found in Manga images. If you’re learning how to turn real-world figures into manga characters, focus on drawing manga faces instead.

The nose and mouths of manga characters are substantially simpler, compared to their more complex counterparts in other media. Two basic lines are typically used to depict the nose and mouth in the manga.

FAQs – How to Make Fanart on Computers?

Can I Sell Anime Fanart?

If it’s an original work and not a fan art, then it’s acceptable. If you get permission from the copyright holder, you can sell anime fan art. Otherwise, it is illegal to sell fan art.

What Is a Perfect Face?

This is what a flawless face looks like, according to this book’s exhaustive definitions: Three nose lengths divided by the distance between the eyes equals the length of the face. The width of both lips is the same. Two nose lengths is the width of the cheeks.

Is Fan Made Merch Legal?

Because copyright is not criminally enforced in the United States, making and selling fan art is legal. Instead, infringers of copyrights are subject to civil lawsuits brought by copyright owners.


Understanding How to Make Fanart on Computers? would be beneficial. before it has an impact on your fandom, in its most rudimentary sense.

You’ll never be able to express your ideas in their truest form without it. Your artistic growth will be stifled by the deception of letting down your idols.

Consider all of the illustrators you’re interested in working with. Isn’t it true that they’re all very skilled?

In order to achieve such a high level of success, you will need similar abilities. Take a few painting lessons and master the fundamentals of mediums and techniques. Upon completion, you will be able to produce substantial works of art.

It would be beneficial if you made an effort to make your travels unique. When it comes to creating art, the best inspiration comes from characters with whom you have a strong emotional bond.

For the most part, you are interested in learning how to make fan art that has an impact on society. if you can do that, your work will inspire others as well as yourself.

In the end, I hope you found this tutorial on How to Make Fanart on Computers? useful.