How to Make a Homemade Projector With a Mirror?

It’s a lovely way to enjoy movies in the privacy of your own house, whether you have any, or in the company of friends or relatives. There are plenty of other moments when your TV isn’t large enough for all the people who want to watch.

There are no better alternatives, so there is no other option than making the homemade projector with a mirror. You can produce one yourself without the need for much effort. A complete projector can be made with all the following components in less than an hour with a day.

If you’re interested in learning how to make a homemade projector with a mirror, you may wish to read this. The quickest and most straightforward way to project your movies at home? 

Items You’ll Need for the Project.

If you want to construct the projector, you’ll need all of these. You must have one or two of these things to produce an excellent result. Therefore, be sure to get all the songs in advance:

  • A mirror
  • A magnifying lens
  • Scissors
  • Glue/Silicone
  • 4 drinking straws
  • A smartphone
  • Thick cardboard box (double of width, depth, and length as the phone)
  • A phone holder (optional)

Not all of them may be residing in your backyard. But you don’t have to worry about spending any money on them. Check on your own, or ask a friend to do it for you.

Making a homemade projector is a simple task that doesn’t require much cost or time, but the possibilities are endless!

If you have all the supplies gathered, you can put the projector together. It is how to do it:

Cut a Hole in the Cardboard Box

Using the scissors, make a small hole in the case. the height of the magnifying glass

To figure out how to do this, measure the lens inside the box. Precise as you cut the glass so that it doesn’t fall in when you set it is assembled.

It is possible to create a magnification lens that doesn’t extend beyond the container by glue or silicone. When the picture passes through the lens, do not try to see a shadow or blurriness if you can help it.

Darken the Interior of the Box

It will enable the picture to have the most excellent brightness and clarity. It is up to you, but it’s nice to have.

We highly recommend painting the entire room black. You can also cover the box with construction paper or some other colored paper. Because of this, no glinting whatsoever can occur.

Stick the Mirror to the Bottom

To seal the bottom of the case, you will have to paint it. We suggest using an oil-based lubricant if you must. It is the best way to get the job done without experiencing any issues.

The other thing to remember is to let the painting or paint dry completely before moving it. It is useful when sticking the mirror to the wall.

Make the Phone Holder

There is more where that you came from; stop and think about where you are going. Place the phone where the phone’s image will be projected, and have the image of the phone magnified. One more thing to think about is that you don’t have to unplug the projector to stop, rewind, go forward, and then plug it back in to start again.

The standard advice is to use a phone holder and place it above the picture. Otherwise, make one out of cardboard, which costs next to nothing, and with paper straws.

The straps should be placed on the bottom of the box first. Wrap as far as you can around the center so the mounting bracket can and leave room in the middle for the mirror. Put the straws on the bottom of the box for the best results. Don’t bother lifting the upper section of the box; it is made of lightweight styrofoam.

Otherwise, you will have to use another piece of paper. You can cut the cardboard display to match the smartphone screen size once the straws are in place. Survey them by inserting a coin at the tip of the straws. For the best performance, use silicone.

Adjust the Image Position

It will not appear appropriately until you place the projector on top of the straws or phone holder. It will seem backward, but the picture will be upside down.

When the picture passes through the magnifying glass, it is inverted. Reflection through a magnifying glass It inverts, except this time, it turns right instead of left.

Make everything in the picture as good as it possibly can be until you have it on the wall. Remember to keep the telephone balanced so as not to tip the straws. If you have found your place, give it room to come to fruition.

Cover the Project in Cardboard

Congratulations, you’re almost there. The picture will depart from the projector, and it will look great. Since it’s already covered in cardboard, you might improve it by finding more cardboard and covering the entire top where the phone is located. 

By doing this, the light comes straight to the phone, and the magnifying glass is raised simultaneously.

Protect the straws so as not to hurt the phone holder, please. It would be much more relaxed if you could use recycled cardboard. All are concentrated on avoiding scattered glare.

Make sure you can finally obtain your mobile phone. There should be an open area on the left or right side of the cover so you can access the phone when working in portrait or landscape mode. 

Only after you’ve done this will you be able to see how straightforward and hassle-free the picture is. Enjoy this projector to the fullest.

Start your Movie and Enjoy

When you get here, you will never have to do another thing. Create a playlist, find a location where you can watch movies, videos, or do something with your friends. 

If you want to make calls, connect the phone to a speaker or a pair of headphones so that everyone in the room can hear what you’re listening to while you are talking. It will further increase the pleasure.

Pop some popcorn, and that’s all there is to it! You’ll be able to use your mobile to make your long weekends just a little more enjoyable.


It should take just an hour to complete if you follow the directions carefully. Additionally, it will save you even more time if you can use the support of someone else. These instructions will help you if you want to create a homemade projector with a mirror for other people.

Although the picture will not be as clear as a digital projector, this will still be well worth the money if you can buy it for just the cost of a DVD burner. And that’s not to be compared with anything. Hit the home run with this homemade projector, and have fun! There will be no regrets!

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