How to Have Two Headphones on One Computer

Nothing has a smooth sound quality for whichever you use your computer. Play, watch the video, navigate or listen to music. High quality and continuous sound will enhance your experience always.

Would you like to know How to Have Two Headphones on One Computer? It’s not always easy to use two headphones on one computer. It can be frustrating if you want to talk to someone else about music or video, and you know it isn’t so easy as simply plugging two headphones into it.

Most computers have only one headphone jack for one thing. Even if you use two Bluetooth headphones, you sometimes still have to play with your audio settings to make a good connection between both headsets. The good news is that two or more headphones can be connected to your PC without too much trouble by following this simple guide.

Why Is It So Difficult to Use Two Headphones on a Computer?

As mentioned, most computers have only one audio jack or mini-stereo output. Some may have more than one audio jack or port, however. It is because they have more powerful and efficient audio cards than the previous ones. However, most Windows PCs and even Macs generally only have one headphone port. 

How to Have Two Headphones on One Computer

Moreover, as new models come, the devices become slimmer, but the individual jack configuration is still the same. Honestly, that’s no harm. Some people like to keep it and don’t want to share their favorite video or song with anyone else. Furthermore, we mainly use and carry our computers when we travel or work, and a single headphone jack sounds excellent.

A single headphone jack is also suitable for people who are not technogeeks. A single audio port removes all the problems you may face if you unintentionally change the default audio settings of your computer. Perhaps this is why developers did not intend to upgrade the configuration of their PC with two or more headphone jacks.

Why Would You Like to Use More Headphones Than One?

Before starting the techniques, let’s see why people want to use more than one Headphone on their PCs. Mostly, if you’re going to listen to music or play a movie with someone else without disturbing anyone, you need two headphones for that. Moreover, what is better than a cinema-like audio experience at home?

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In addition, if a person wants to display another media clip privately, he needs another headphone connected to his PC. For whatever reason, by clicking two headphones on your PC, you can now easily listen and share your favorite songs, videos, and games with anyone you want.

In addition, without disturbing people around you, you can also attend online classes in a group with the same PC. 

How to Have Two Headphones on One Computer?

In the world of solution finding, two headphones are now possible to connect and use. The methods for connecting two headphones are:

Two Bluetooth Headphones Are Connected

It is not possible to directly connect two of your Bluetooth headphones to your PC. However, you can link two Bluetooth headphones to your PC in other ways.

First Way

The first way is to connect your Bluetooth headphones and wired headphones. Connect your wired Headphone to your PC and connect your Bluetooth headphones to your PC when you turn ON Bluetooth. Here are the following steps to be taken after your wired and Bluetooth headphones are connected.

  • Open your PC’s control panel
  •  Now select the option “Sound.”
  •  There is the “Capture Tab” option; click on it
  •  “Stereo Mix” is the option to right-click and set “Default Device.”
  •  Click the Listen tab now.
  •  Select the device you wish to hear the audio in the section “Listen to this device.”

This way, you can connect two headphones at once but notice a slight delay in audio delivery on your primary and secondary headphones. You may have problems adjusting your secondary headphone volume. It is ideal for connecting your Bluetooth and wired headphones rather than two Bluetooth headphones.

If you can’t find the Stereo Mix option on your PC, try the Recording Tab option. “Display Connected Devices” and “Display Disconnected Devices” boxes are available in addition to tab recording. If you cannot find these options on your PC, your PC will certainly not connect two headphones.

Second Way

In this method, you can connect two Bluetooth headphones with an audio mixer. The audio mixer is a device that automatically detects audio and allows you to select which Bluetooth headphones to click. There are no detailed guides to connect your audio mixer. Several audio mixers are available on the market; you can buy one and combine as specified in your user manual.

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 External software is required to connect the audio mixer, as stated in the audio mixer user manual. At this moment, there is no better way to connect two or more Bluetooth headphones simultaneously to your PC. The audio mixer is a suitable sound quality device that automatically manages all connected Bluetooth headphones’ EQ settings.

Change Computer Configuration

Most laptops expect to use this method to access two headphones. This procedure is almost the same as connecting a wired headphone to a Bluetooth headphone with a bit more than that. These are the steps you can use on a PC with two headphones:

  • Open your PC’s control panel
  • Now select the option “Sound.”
  • There is the “Capture Tab” option; click on it
  •  “Stereo Mix” is the option to right-click and set “Default Device.”
  • Click the Listen tab now.
  • Select the device to listen to the audio after checking the “Listen to this device.”
  • You must now open the Advanced account after you have selected your headphones.
  •  Go ahead and uncheck the “Allow applications to control this device exclusively.”
  • You can now click Apply to save your changes

It allows you to connect two reproduction issues simultaneously and play the audio without problems. Please be aware that your secondary Headphone can delay audio delivery.

Two Devices Play Audio From Different Applications

How to Have Two Headphones on One Computer

During Skype, you could have adjusted your speaker or headphones. We will use a similar method to customize playback devices for, in particular, a few software. All you have to do now is connect your speaker to play the Movies & TV App and play sound from Firefox or Chrome on your headphones. In simple words, alternate sound outputs can use with double headphones or any PC playback device for individual apps.

  • Find the sound icon and right-click it on your taskbar.
  • Choose Open option Settings.
  • Choose the volume and device preferences of the app.
  • All your open applications will now list in the opened settings box. Find the software that your playback device wants to change. Next to the menu is the Output drop-down menu.
  • All devices connected to your PC can now see. Choose your device. Please note that Windows automatically saves the software’s selected playback devices. Therefore, when you start the appliance, it will consistently deliver sound to saved headphones or speakers.

FAQs – How to Have Two Two Headphones on One Computer?

How Many Hours a Day Should You Wear Headphones?

“You should only use MP3 devices at a maximum volume level of up to 60 percent in a total of 60 minutes a day as a rule,” said Dr. Foy. “The louder the volume, the shorter the length. You should listen for only about five minutes a day at maximum volume.”

How Do I Connect Type C Headphones to My Laptop?

Please plug in your headphones—Right-click on the volume icon and select Playback devices on the right bottom of your desktop taskbar. Check the standard device and if the headphones you have plugged in are detected. If your headphones not seen, you will need to update your BIOS.

How Can I Divide Audio on the Computer?

Go to your PC settings. You can find an option on your audio control panel to split the audio on your computer. The default to do this is to select an audio device.


The feature of two headphones on a single PC allows you to take advantage of different activities with your buddies without disturbing others in your room. Multiple users can use two headphones on a single PC to help each other in various coordination tasks, such as conducting or joining a lecture, playing a multifunctional game, listening to music, etc. It is a rare feature and is undoubtedly very useful.

Do you want to know How to Have Two Two Headphones on One Computer?  Following the step above, we hope that you managed to connect your two headphones for any of your requirements.

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