How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Case? Different Ways

Different plastic components of the laptop shell, most notably the hinges, are prone to shatter with minimal force. Thus, it is critical that these fractures are healed and do not spread. However, upon repair, it is vital to exercise caution to avoid case damage.

One of the dangers of having a computer is its proclivity for suddenly collapsing. Even if a computer user is not torture-vulnerable, a computer that falls accidentally may require repair. A Palmtop’s external case is made of plastic. Several approaches can be employed to repair a crack if the user is familiar with computer repair.

Several critical methods for resolving the question How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Case are mentioned below:

Fixing of Scratched Laptop Screen

Replacing your computer or inverter circuitry is a tough process that should be handled by professionals. You will have to spend a significant amount of money on repairs. However, if you’re referring to unique scratches on your Laptop, you may swiftly repair them without spending a fortune on repairs.

Guide to Fix Scratched Laptop Screen

With frequent use, laptop displays will become scratched. Scratches can also occur as a result of usage or rubbing the duster across the screen to clean it. Fortunately, a dab of toothpaste will flatten them. Ensure that you purchase natural toothpaste rather than anything in the gel category. Additionally, a small amount of elbow fat is required to mend the scrapes.

Take a small amount of toothpaste and massage it between your thumb and index finger. Assure that it appears slightly sandy and grainy. This is because the mild abrasives resolve the issue with your laptop screen.

Gently rub the toothpaste in a circular motion over the scratches for a few seconds. Following that, you may wipe the screen clean with a little soft tissue.

To conclude, please clean the system screen with a non-ammonia window cleaner. One can be obtained at your neighbourhood grocery store. Now inspect your palmtop screen and repeat the method if the scratches are still intact. It will work exceptionally well on little scratches in particular.

How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Case

If a laptop casing is inadvertently broken, it can be repaired using basic do-it-yourself techniques. This information on “How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Case” can assist you in repairing the cracks in your laptop case.

How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Case

Tips to Repair Cracked Laptop Case

Work in a Clean Environment:

The work area should be cleaned on a continuous basis to ensure that external contaminants do not adhere to the repair material. If this occurs, the fix will not work.

Super Glue Insertion:

  • The plastic shells of the notebook’s numerous components, most notably the laptop hinge, are easily destroyed with a little force. As a result, it is critical to repair damaged computer cases and prevent the spread of infection.
  • Switch off the system.
  • Clean the laptop case’s gap and components.
  • Squeeze the plastic as tightly as possible to prevent microscopic cracks and fill the resulting space with household super glue. Count for at least 5 minutes before releasing the plastic, then allow a few minutes for the adhesive to dry.
  • Wait until the adhesive has completely bonded and repaired the laptop case’s fractures.

Adding Stickers:

With wet wipes or alcohol wipes, remove all scratches from the laptop case.
You can cover the stickers with stickers because scratches cannot be removed entirely.
Stickers are the most cost-effective way to conceal flaws.

Utilization of Plastic Polish:

You’re probably out of luck if you’re looking for a specific laptop scratch remover for stores. However, most laptop decks may be repaired using a professional plastic polish. Thoroughly clean the laptop deck with a water and soap solution and wipe it dry with a lint-free towel.

Apply a small amount of polish to a towel and gently work it into the deck. Rub in a circular motion, adding additional polish as necessary, until the entire laptop lid is covered. Wipe it up and down until the polish has been absorbed by the cover, then clean it with a towel.

Scratches should be gone at this point. If not, repeat the technique until the markings remove. This procedure is effective when using standard laptop plastic towels. While the plastic hybrid and carbon fibre laptop lids can still be polished, the reflecting hybrid covers with scratches can take a little more attention. A colour pen for aesthetic treatment of automobiles, such as those manufactured by Quixx, may be beneficial in resolving this issue.

After coming up with the idea to remove scratches with plastic polish, you can answer the query How to Repair a Cracked Laptop Case.

Change Older Laptop Case:

When the cover is damaged or even broken, the laptop case should be replaced.
The bottom case of the affected laptop model must be purchased and changed online.
Arrange the laptop so that the bottom case faces up and the drive is on the left.
Removing the screws that secure the rear optical drive
Take care with how the screws are stored, as they are easily misplaced. Remove the laptop’s bezel and gently pry out the optical drive mount.

Invest in a New Laptop Case:

Discover the replacement laptop case for the same model.
Then, place the laptop in this case.

Use Epoxy Putty:

The trick to the repair is that epoxy is used to fill in the damaged area of the laptop case. It is readily available online or at your local hardware store and is also reasonably priced. Avoid using a rapid setting variation, since it will harden before the repair is complete.

How to Apply Epoxy Putty:

Once you’ve repaired everything that has to be repaired, begin by cleaning the damaged surface and loose components. Prepare the epoxy masty, which is a bottle that has several components wrapped around it. Remove a section and twist the details.
Assemble all components completely, as a button will harden as a result of the reaction between these two components. Master Computer specialists recommend using gloves to protect your hands from dangerous chemicals.

When the mastic is finished, roll it into cylinders and fold it numerous times. Soon, you’ll observe the putty blending into a uniform grey or white shade.

Ascertain that the mastic has a sufficient consistency to work well in the cracked region. Firmly press it into the crevices and mould it with your nape blade or finger to conform to the contours of your laptop case. If the region is completely covered, use the flat side razor blade to compress and flatten the exposed area. Extra putty may be wiped away using a paper towel. Rather of making it more difficult to remove, do not allow it to dry.

Allow the crack to dry for a few hours once it has been adequately filled. The cured epoxy repair will be as durable as your laptop’s plastic case. If the problem persists, you may wish to contact a nearby repair shop.

How to Use a Soldering Iron

For large cracks, use a soldering iron with a flat tip and plug the iron into a wall outlet. Melt the plastic on both sides of the fracture gradually after heating the soldering iron. Assure that the plastic completely melts and gets heated. It enables the plastic to be bonded together.

FAQs – How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Case?

How do you fix a broken laptop case?

The trick is to use epoxy putty to repair the fractured piece of the casing. Epoxy Putty is available for approximately $4 to $6 per tube online or at any hardware store, allowing you to repair it even while on the road.

Can Laptop Cases be repaired?

Occasionally, if the client retains access to the materials, you can restore damage to a laptop cover with a powerful glue. Kindly do not discard anything when it comes to laptop repair. Provide a reasonable pricing for your clients’ Laptops if they are not need to repair or maintain the components.

Can you fix a broken laptop hinge?

The answer is yes. A damaged laptop harness may hinder you from converting your laptop to a desktop in a variety of ways. Additionally, because laptops are expensive machines, you cannot afford to acquire a new one, but you may spend a little money repairing a broken or dismantled hook.

Can body of laptop be changed?

Is it feasible to customise the design of the chassis of a laptop? If the body of your laptop is damaged, you can either replace it yourself or get it replaced by a local service shop. You can locate the chassis for your laptop on a variety of online retailers. Consider HP, Dell, Compaq, Lenovo, Acer, Dell, Sony Vaio, and HCL. Additionally, you can search your community for a more cheap option.


I hope this answers all of your questions about How to Fix a Cracked Laptop Case. If you follow all of the above guidelines with caution and dedication, you should be able to repair your laptop at home. Small cracks can be rapidly repaired by following one of the aforementioned tips.