How to Disable Laptop Speakers but Not Headphones

Speakers provide audible sound for the listener, create surround sound, and add additional bass with a subwoofer. Don’t like or don’t want to utilize laptop speakers internally? You can disable them. Follow these procedures about How to Disable Laptop Speakers but Not Headphones? 

How to Disable Laptop Speakers but Not Headphones

Almost every laptop comes equipped with at least one speaker. The most common configuration, however, is two stereo-effect speakers. One of the primary reasons speakers include laptops is that they enable audio notifications and other events to transmit via the operating system. 

Not only that, but the internal speakers also use as assistive technology for individuals with varying degrees of skill. Naturally, this is the other common usage scenario in media consumption.

Although many window users use laptop speakers, there may be times when they must be disabled. Why window may rapidly disable the laptop speaker in the sound settings, all you need to do is discover and disable the laptop sound device.

Can You Damage Speakers by Playing Them Too Loud?

Yes, you can play music excessively loudly and cause harm to your speakers. There are a few additional ways for this disaster to occur on your part that you should become acquainted with. When low-frequency speakers or subwoofers overpower, the cause is either electrical or mechanical.

Electrical failure occurs when excessive power is applied to the subwoofers, causing the voice coils to burn out. It is why, before your session, you should always check the gain settings and wiring of your subwoofers. When the speaker physically rips or tears, this refers to as mechanical failure. 

Its frequently caused by an insufficient enclosure size. It can avoid this by staying approximately 25% above or below the manufacturer’s suggested enclosure volume. If it is enormous, the mechanical suspension of the subwoofer is compromised, resulting in the surround tearing or splitting. 

When you utilize a smaller enclosure than the manufacturer suggests, you usually avoid any power handling issues and are generally safer than when you go larger. Additionally, you may discover that subwoofer failure occurs when the enclosure does not adequately vent. 

When the tuning is incorrect, it can result in the speaker’s mechanical power handling degrade. Thus, loudness does play a role in speaker damage.

Do Laptop Need Speaker?

It’s adequate for notifications but not robust or detailed enough to watch TV, YouTube, or listen to music streaming. External speakers for your laptop are required to improve the sound quality of films, music, and games.

How to Disable Laptop Speakers but Not Headphones?

Now let me teach you How to Disable Laptop Speakers but Not Headphones? In this fast and straightforward window 10 method.

Important Note: The following procedure is only applicable to Windows 10. If you are running Windows 7, you can disable laptop speakers from the control panel.

Steps to Disable Laptop Speaker

Whether the internal speaker, headphones, or external speakers display as a sound device, they are all connected to your laptop.

It enables laptop speakers to be segregated and disabled independently, allowing you to continue using other sound output devices such as headphones or external speakers after deactivating the internal laptop speaker.

Note: If your laptop has many audio outputs connected, such as external speakers, wired or wireless headphones, and so on, I recommend temporarily unplugging them to minimize confusion.

  • Open the window ten settings app.
  • Choose the option” System.”
  • On the sidebar, select the” Sound” tab.
  • Click on the “Sound Device Management” section of the output section.
  • Click on the laptop speaker’s entry.
  • Click on the “Disable” button.
  • Laptop speakers have been disabled now.

To begin, open the window settings app via the “start key + 1″ shortcut. Additionally, you can search for and access” settings” from the start menu. After accessing the setting app, navigate to the “system – sound” page.

How to Disable Laptop Speakers but Not Headphones

On the sound page, beneath the output area, click the “Manage Sound Devices” link. It is where you’ll discover all of the fantastic device possibilities.

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Now, click on the laptop speaker’s entry. If you have multiple sound output devices and are unsure which one is a laptop speaker, disconnect all other speaker equipment to manageable the section.

Click the “Disable” button. This step turns off the laptop’s speaker.

That is it. It’s that simple to disable the speaker on a Windows 10 laptop. As previously stated, only the laptop speakers have been disabled; all other sound devices usually function.

Is It Bad To Use a Laptop Speaker?

Majority of laptops on the market lack high-quality speakers for audio playback. Additionally, if you are an audiophile, the sound emanating from those laptop speakers may make you wince. Apart from a bad connection, nothing can ruin a conference call, quite like a microphone’s poor audio performance.

FAQs – How to Disable Laptop Speakers but Not Headphones? 

What Is the Use of a Speaker?

The speakers’ principal purpose is to provide audio output to the listener. The speaker acts as a transducer, converting electromagnetic waves to sound waves. The gadgets, such as audio receivers or computers, provide analog or digital audio input to the speakers.

How Do You Turn on Laptop Speakers When Headphones Are Connected?

Connect your PC’s headphones and speakers. Click the volume icon in the taskbar’s right-click menu and select Sounds. It brings up the Sounds preferences. Right-click Speakers on the Playback tab and select “Set as Default Device.”

Can a Speaker Magnet Damage a Laptop?

A magnet will not cause any damage to your laptop, particularly when it comes to the ordinary attractions found in our offices. An appeal can wipe away the hard drive on your computer, but it would need a compelling magnet to do it.


Do you want to know How to Disable Laptop Speakers but Not Headphones? Right-click on the speaker icon. Select either Adjust audio properties or Playback devices from the options.

Select Do not use this device (disable) from the Device Usage drop-down list’s list of alternatives (bottom of the window). After that, Choose OK. You may disable laptop speakers by following these steps.

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