How to Connect Wired Mouse to Laptop? Step by Step

Because USB is the most common interface for both wired and wireless mice, nearly all mice are wireless. Serial and PS/2 ports are standard on older computers, however.

Bluetooth, RF, and infrared (IR) are all examples of wireless technologies that can be used with wireless mouse (infrared).

The next step is to choose your connection type from the drop-down menu and then follow the on-screen directions to know How to Connect Wired Mouse to Laptop?.

What Is a Mouse Input Device?

This keyword “input device” is likely to be used when searching for a new laptop mouse.

Before you care about what’s inside the package, folks get hung up on the packaging and not on terminology.

Observe the relationship between a computer and an input device.

Data can be inputted into a computer via an input device. There is a lot to consider when it comes to the type of data you are dealing with.

Your data must first be entered into the computer before it can be processed. In addition to a keyboard, touchpad, and trackball, a laptop mouse is an input device that can be utilised with your computer.

Your data will be transformed by the computer into several outputs, such as audio recordings, printed reports, and visual displays on a computer monitor.

When it comes to connecting to your computer, a laptop mouse is only one of several options available to you.

A microphone is required for sound recording and transmission. An ergonomic mechanical keyboard can help students who have to write a lot of essays do their work faster and more comfortably.

Vibrating or force feedback devices, for example, can be added to your computer system.

With a variety of communication options available, you can utilise your computer in a way that best suits your preferences.

If you need a laptop mouse, you can choose from a variety of choices that all rely on locating and using the cursor.

How to Connect Wired Mouse to Laptop

To use a USB mouse, simply follow the on-screen directions.First, connect the USB cable to one of the USB ports by plugging it into one of the USB ports.

When using a Windows 10 PC or laptop, you’ll normally find the USB port on the back or side of the device. Is there a USB port hub connected to your computer? Finally, ensure that the mouse cable is securely attached to it, and then complete the pairing process.

Your computer should now have all the necessary drivers installed and be running smoothly again. Additional software may be required if your mouse has particular buttons.

Using a laptop, this is how you connect and pair your wired mouse to a Windows 10 PC. But if you use a wireless mouse, here are some things you can do to keep your computer safe!

How to Connect Wireless Mouse to Laptop

An additional receiver must be attached to the mouse in order to use it wirelessly. A USB port on the PC is required to link it up with the receiver.

Find a USB port on the back or side of your computer and insert the receiver.

Tip: If you’re unclear, the following image depicts what a USB port looks like: When the wireless receiver is connected to the computer, Windows or macOS should immediately identify and install the required drivers.

Depending on the mouse brand, your computer may need to connect to the Internet in order to install the drivers.

Fourth, the Mouse should come with its own set of batteries. When not in use, be sure to keep the mouse charged.

The mice need to be turned on to accomplish this. To turn them on or off, the majority of wireless devices feature a switch on the underside.

Note: Additional software is required if you want to change the function of a specific mouse button. Our mouse troubleshooting guide is here if you have any issues with your Mice.

How to Connect a Mouse to a Laptop With Bluetooth

A Bluetooth mouse connects wirelessly to a computer through a Bluetooth signal. If a Bluetooth adapter is hooked to the computer, the computer must already have built-in Bluetooth.

To utilise a Bluetooth mouse with your computer, simply follow these instructions.

Ensure that your computer’s Bluetooth utility is set to “on.” The Bluetooth utility is installed on an icon that resembles the Bluetooth symbol in the notification area.

Turn it on if it has an on/off switch. Continue to the following step if the Bluetooth mouse is shown to be linked by the Bluetooth utility.

In order to couple your device with a Bluetooth mouse, simply click the “Pair” button on your device’s Bluetooth device list.

If the Mice successfully connects to the computer, it has created a connection.

Tip: What’s going on with the Bluetooth utility? Find the battery compartment or the button on the mouse’s bottom to fix this issue.

If the computer needs to be able to find the Mice, find it and press the button.

For a computer mouse to work, a user must locate an unassigned mouse button and a disc with the mouse’s installation software.

Look in the Bluetooth area of the application to see if your Bluetooth mice are registered.

How to Connect a Ps/2 Mouse

Before connecting or detaching the PS/2 mouse, it is critical that the computer is turned off.

In order to connect the mouse cable, utilise the PS/2 green-colored connector on your PC’s rear. In contrast to the PS/2 ports, which are color-coded to distinguish between them, the PS/2 mouse port is on the left side of the computer (when viewed from the back).

Once the Mouse is connected, the computer should automatically install the necessary drivers and provide basic functionality. Depending on the mouse button, additional software may be required. Make sure to check out our mouse troubleshooting guide if your mouse isn’t working.

How to Connect a Serial Mouse

Before attaching or disconnecting a serial mouse, be sure the computer is turned off.

You must locate and connect the mouse to a serial port on the back of your computer. The first serial port on the computer is where mice should always be connected.

You may need to change the BIOS settings for the mouse COM ports if your computer’s configuration is peculiar.

Serial ports have become a thing of the past on most modern computers. Generally speaking, serial mice are created for a specific use case in mind. As a result, in order to make use of the Mice, you’ll need to get the necessary software (or get it from the mouse manufacturer’s website).

How to Connect a Mouse to a Chromebook

Using a USB keyboard or mouse on your Chromebook is as simple as plugging it into the USB port on the side of the laptop.

Don’t force the USB connector into place if you want it to work properly. You will be able to use USB ports on Chromebooks to connect mice.

Any Windows 10 PC or laptop can find a new mouse provided by the manufacturer.

Make sure to check the instruction manual for your Mouse before plugging in your Mice.

Your updated Mouse Drivers may be out of date or incompatible with the most recent or most popular model if you’re still experiencing issues with regular mouse functionality.

A dedicated driver updater tool, such as Smart Driver Care, should be used by our users in order to ensure that they can go through

You can use this driver-installation tool in conjunction with professional device drivers to ensure that all of your computer’s hardware is up-to-date and functioning properly.

Why You Should Get a Wireless Mouse:


The comfort of the user is the most critical factor to keep in mind while selecting a computer peripheral. In general, USB wireless mice have ergonomic designs that feel as if they were meant to fit your hand precisely.

Work and other activities can be done more effectively using equipment and furnishings if ergonomics is studied.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be avoided by choosing computer accessories that are designed to maximise ergonomics while also preventing harm. Allows the user to be more productive and less prone to injury, such as rotator cuff tendinitis and arthritis.

Experiment with your input device to see whether it feels right in your hand before assuming that all mice are the same,


You can use a USB mouse from a distance from the computer, just like you can with any other wireless device.

It’s easier to get things done on the go because you don’t need to be seated at your desk with your laptop.

Enjoy your favourite movie or game from the comfort of your couch with only a few clicks. You’re not even need to get out of your chair to make your selections.


Because of their small size and lack of a need for an electrical outlet, USB wireless mice make excellent travel companions.

If you’re going to a gaming convention or college class, a laptop is an excellent option because many input devices are small and compact enough to fit in the laptop backpack’s outside pocket.

Are you on a business trip? Set up a mousepad on the bed in your hotel room and utilise the in-room service to answer emails while you unwind. Unplugging and re-plugging your device is a breeze with cordless mice.


Whether you’re gaming on the road, travelling for work or school, or surfing the web while curled up on the couch, wireless mouse have an advantage in terms of aesthetics.

To declutter your office or workspace, you must get rid of cable clutter at your home or business. Wires that are strewn across your desk are unsightly and take up valuable space on your desk.

They can have a detrimental impact on your work productivity by affecting the atmosphere in which you operate.

Take advantage of the sleek and modern design of wireless mouse by using one. You’ll be able to work more effectively at your desk thanks to a clean, professional design that will inspire you to get things done.


There was a time when poor wireless mouse performance overshadowed comfort and mobility. Using a USB mouse that is too slow can cause jittery mouse movement because of a delay between when you touch the mouse and when the computer processes your input.

Modern technology has advanced to the point where you no longer have to wait for data to be sent between your input and output devices.

A good wireless mouse is essential for competitive gaming. Every second counts in the virtual battlefield, where your life and the success of your gaming team are at stake.

Your competitors may be able to outperform you if they have a laptop mouse that is more responsive or more reliable than yours.

The built-in touchpad on your laptop will not be as responsive as a USB wireless mouse.

Up to 30 months of battery life and superb tactility ensures that you never have to worry about your wireless mouse expiring during the final and final objective of the game.


If you’re using your laptop’s standard touchpad, you’ll get the job done, but a USB wireless mouse can improve your performance.

If you’re currently using an input device that doesn’t give as much flexibility as the Laptop Mouse, you may want to consider switching.

Invest in a small, portable mouse with a long-lasting battery life if you frequently travel.

Make a statement with a purple mouse to show off your individuality, or blend in with the crowd with a red mouse that matches the red highlights on your gaming gear.

Computer mice can be pricey, so don’t skimp! Select a model with programmable buttons on both sides that you may configure.

You can choose between a laser or an optic mouse while using a Bluetooth or USB mouse.

FAQs ― How to Connect Wired Mouse to Laptop

How do I fix my wired Mouse on my laptop?

1) Remove your USB cable or USB receiver from your laptop if you are experiencing problems with your USB connection.

2) Allow a few minutes, up to a few hours.

3) Make sure the USB cable or USB receiver is placed into the correct port before plugging it in.

4) Make sure to use your mouse to test if stuff works.

How do I make my wired mouse wireless?

No practical means exist to carry out this action. If your PC’s wireless connection is spotty, you can use a USB extension cord to connect the USB receiver.

How do I connect a mouse to my computer without USB?

An adapter for Bluetooth is required to connect a wired keyboard or mouse to a computer.

This gadget allows you to have a wired and wireless device at the same time, but it doesn’t require a USB port from your laptop to do so.

Why will Mouse not work on laptop?

To get your laptop’s touchpad to work again, you’ll need to figure out what’s going on with the driver and the key combination you used to disable it.

If you hold down one of the F1 or F2 keys at the same time as the “fn” key, you can do additional actions.