How to Clean Laptop Touchpad Easy Guide

Your laptop’s touchpad has become unclean, and you’re looking for a way to clean it? Right? If I grasped your mind correctly, you need not be concerned about anything.

Because in this comprehensive guide, I’ll explain How to Clean Laptop Touchpad? Applying these highly recommended methods is not rocket science, and you’ll quickly discover that you’ll be able to complete your task in no time.

Advantages of Touchpad

How to Clean Laptop Touchpad

A touchpad or trackpad is a pointing tool that incorporates a tactile sensor, a specialized surface capable of translating the motion and position of a user’s fingers into a relative position on the operating system that is displayed on the screen.

Below, we’ll shed some light on the touchpad’s features and benefits, including the following:

  • There is no additional space to use it because the touchpad is integrated into the laptop or keyboard.
  • The touchpad provides superior and faster selection control over any objects compared to the mouse.
  • There is no requirement for a smooth surface area beneath it, as with a mouse.
  • If you’re using a laptop, it’s more comfortable to do so while lying in bed.
  • There is no requirement to worry about wireless or wired devices because they are integrated into your laptop.
  • There is no need to purchase a separate touchpad because it is integrated into your keyboard or laptop.
  • When traveling, it is easily transportable without causing any inconvenience.
  • Compared to a mouse, a touchpad allows for more wrist rest because it can be operated with one or two fingers rather than the entire palm.
  • Because the touchpad is integrated into your system, it does not require any additional drivers to be installed.

How to Clean Laptop Touchpad?

There are some specific reasons for regularly cleaning and maintaining it. Assume you spilled a sip of coffee or tea, or even water or any other liquid, onto your laptop’s touchpad. In this case, the fluid could enter your laptop’s internal circuit and cause damage to its internal hardware, such as the processor, if a large amount of liquid is used.

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However, if used in small amounts, it may cause the keys on your laptop’s touchpad to become stuck, may leave residue on the surface, and may prevent the touchpad from functioning normally. Thus, one should always keep their laptop’s touchpad clean and clear, as this is the most sensitive part of the laptop’s body.

Consider the Following Before Going for Cleaning:

Before beginning the cleaning process, there are several critical points to remember. The following is a listing of them: 

  • Ascertain that your laptop is turned off and that no electrical current is passing through it.
  • Use the recommended procedures and methods and the lubricants mentioned with extreme caution and in moderation.
  • If you accidentally damage your laptop while cleaning its touchpad, the laptop mill will not be held liable because you perform the task independently. Therefore, bear this in mind.

Cleaning Supplies

A thorough cleaning of the laptop’s touchpad is necessary. Additionally, to make it appear to be a new and properly functioning one, you must be familiar with the tools to aid you in this endeavor. However, ensure that you can clean it yourself; otherwise, bringing it to laptop repairs will be relatively inexpensive.

Therefore, let’s look at the items you’ll require before beginning the cleaning process.

  • A damp cloth (soft cotton of soft materialistic).
  • A clean, dry cloth.
  • A small amount of water.
  • Isopropyl alcohol solution in a 50 percent concentration.
  • Additionally, you may use a soap or detergent solution.
  • Windex is an abrasive cleaner.
  • A few cotton swabs for dust removal.

Cleaning Process

Before you begin the actual cleaning process, you must ensure that your laptop is completely turned off, unplugged, and shut down. Ascertain that you are not using your computer while cleaning it; otherwise, your laptop may sustain damage.

Using a Piece of Dry or Damp Cloth

If there is a small amount of dust on your laptop’s mouse pad or touchpad, you can remove it with a dry cloth. If removing it proves difficult, a damp piece of fabric will suffice.

Utilization of Water

If the touchpad is excessively dirty and you cannot remove the residue or dust with a dry or damp cloth, you can also try other methods. Purify it with water. In a small amount of water, dampen a piece of dry material.

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Wring out any excess water from the cloth, as it must be scorched to avoid water dripping onto the laptop’s surface because this additional moisture can corrode the internal components of your computer.

Now, using your finger, begin rubbing the cloth across the laptop’s touchpad. Utilize a fair amount of pressure to remove all residue, but not so much that your laptop is damaged. You’ll notice that the touchpad on your laptop begins to clean itself.

Using an Isopropyl Alcohol Solution or a Glass Cleaner

After using water and observing that a substantial amount of residue remains or that the laptop’s touchpad remains oily, you can use the Solution of isopropyl alcohol following the same procedure as water.

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Additionally, you can use a window or glass cleaner, which is also used to clean other electronic devices. Spray a small amount onto a piece of cloth and use it to clean your laptop’s touchpad. It will altogether remove any residue or oil from the body of your laptop.

Utilizing Specialised Lubricants

Numerous laptop manufacturers prohibit you from cleaning your laptops with household detergents or other commercially available cleaners. However, suppose you notice an area above your laptop’s touchpad with a substantial oil build-up or some substantial residue. In that case, you can remove it using a special lubricant such as Windex greaser or a detergent solution.

Utilizing Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs are also helpful in removing stubborn dust from the area surrounding your touchpad. As a result, you may use them as well.

Its Time

Using another dry piece of cloth, wipe the touchpad’s surface clean of any remaining lubricant or solutions. It maintains the cleanliness of your laptop.

Allow It to Dry

How to Clean Laptop Touchpad

After cleaning and drying the laptop with a dry piece of cloth, leave it alone for a while to dry. When it dries completely, turn it back on and check if the mouse pad works appropriately. If it works, congrats; if not, it’s time to replace it or have it inspected by a repairer.

How to Maintain a Clean Laptop Mouse Pad in the Future?

To accomplish this, you must take excellent care of your laptop and adhere to a few general rules of thumb listed below.

  • Each time, use your laptop after washing your hands with soap to ensure there is no oil on them.
  • Keep the laptop away from children, as they are the primary source of dirt on the mouse pad and the laptop’s surface.
  • Additionally, use it sparingly and immediately clean it after each use with a dry, clean piece of cloth. Its mouse and keyboard were perpetually filthy.
  • Avoid eating, drinking, or placing anything near your laptop.

FAQs – How to Clean Laptop Touchpad? 

How Do You Fix the Coating on Laptop Touchpad?

Saturate the coating of the touchpad with a citrus-based cleaner. On a clean cotton rag, liberally apply the cleaner. Work the cleaner into the touchpad’s surface until the coating is entirely saturated. Allow at least five minutes for the cleaner to sit on the touchpad’s surface.

Why Can’t You Click With Touchpad?

According to users, your drivers can occasionally become corrupt, resulting in a touchpad malfunction. If the trackpad touch click feature does not work on your PC, it may be a driver issue. However, reinstalling your touchpad drivers will resolve this issue.

How Do You Reset the Touchpad on Laptop?

By pressing the Windows key, typing touchpad, and selecting the Touchpad settings option from the search results. Alternatively, press the Windows key + I to open Settings and then Devices, Touchpad. Scroll down to the Reset your touchpad section in the Touchpad window and click the Reset button. Check to see if the touchpad works.

Can I Change My Laptop Touchpad?

The touchpad assembly (which is typically integrated into the keyboard deck) is frequently replaceable as well. Suppose you can locate the necessary components and exercise some patience. In that case, it is possible to restore your laptop to like-new condition for a fraction of the cost of replacing it entirely.


I hope you’ve gained a thorough understanding of How to Clean Laptop Touchpad? Now, you’ll be able to clean it easily. Ensure that you do not damage your laptop, and the rest is straightforward.

While most people disregard device care and do not consider it a necessary task, it is essential to clean your touchpad regularly. Failure to do so may lead to a decrease in the sensitivity and overall life of your device.

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