How to Clean Laptop Fan Without Opening Easy Methods to Do This

Here’s How to Clean Laptop Fan Without Opening it. Both processors have fans, regardless of whether they are in use. Who gives a damn? Each second, a computer’s processor conducts several billion operations. It requires electricity to function, and hence must be recharged.

Others opted to have someone else clean their laptop’s fan, although you can do it just as well. A cooling system is integrated into the system to prevent a CPU meltdown. The heat sink features a small, self-contained fan that extracts heat from the CPU and other components.

If left alone, the fan will acquire dust. The cooling system would be inaccurate due to high heat generated by the CPU.

These have become a concern, particularly for individuals in the firm who are required to travel regularly, as well as those with tight project timeframes. To avoid such a failure, it is vital to clean the CPU fan.

Have you ever had difficulty cleaning a laptop? You will not be concerned if we are able to assist you in cleaning a laptop fan.

How to Clean Laptop Fan Without Opening ― 3 Easy Methods to Do This

Clean Laptop Fan Without Opening

This approach is used to clean the laptop’s fan without opening it. It’s the simplest method of cleaning a laptop because you won’t need to open it to utilise compressed air.

Furthermore, it frees up time. This approach requires the use of a can of pressurised air. This is the proper way to clean it.

Insert a long tube into the pressurised air can and press firmly with a straw.

  • Finally, insert the straw into one of the laptop’s fan holes and secure the container with a click.
  • Carry out the following vent operations for each fan.
  • Don’t forget to clean the vents on the underside of the laptop, particularly those for the cooling fan. If you’ve already cleaned the other components, use this to remove any remaining dust.

How to Clean Laptop Fan With Vacuum Cleaner

If you have a little vacuum cleaner at home, you can use it to clean the fan as well. Additionally, this is a simple procedure that can be accomplished with cordless vacuums.

That is all that is required. You are not required to dismantle or open the laptop. What are our options? Consider the following:

  • To achieve greater pressure, set your vacuum cleaner to the medium setting. To control the various vacuum pressure levels, you must make your own guesses.
  • Start the cleaning device.
  • Until you attempt to repair the fans, attempt to reach it with the mouth of a vacuum cleaner.
  • Additionally, say it aloud in front of all exhaust vents.

Cleaning the Laptop Fan Through the Laptop’s Opening

1) Power down the laptop.

Gently place your laptop on its bottom, ideally on an anti-static surface.

2) The bottom panel may be removed.

Remove the screen from the bottom of your desktop. While diverse manufacturers employ a variety of laptop manufacturing methods, the majority feature detachable screws.

To work with extremely small screws, use a pair of delicate tweezers, electronic forceps, or needle-nosed pliers. If the screws are of varying lengths or/and diameters, make a mental note of their mounting locations. The cooling fan should be visible when the laptop is opened.

3) Secure the Fan

Avoid flipping the fans over; simply hold them in place with your finger. Never unhook the power supply if you are unsure what you are doing, as you risk damaging the processor or its heat sinks.

4) Use a Cloth to Clean the Fan

When dusting, begin with a clean cloth in the centre and gently wipe away dirt and dust. As the previous piece of fabric becomes soiled, continue washing with a new one. Cleaning the fan may be rendered impossible if a cloud of dust falls inside it.

5) Vacuum the Vents

It is prudent to take care of the laptop’s vents as well.

6) Blow Gently into the Fan

Gently blow the fan to eliminate any dust that has accumulated inside. Repeat the process until the fan is clean. when the machine has completed its assignment

Things You Will Need

  • Static-Free Mat
  • Lint-Free Cloth


Avoid tampering with the machine until you are certain you understand what you are doing. Additionally, never use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust even if the laptop is unplugged, as even the AC adaptors can cause static shock to electronics.

How to Clean Laptop Fan Dell

Follow these instructions to discover how to clean your Dell fan.

  • To begin, you must remove the Dell laptop’s panel. A laptop’s superior fan can be accessed from the top or bottom, but it must be removed from the computer.
  • Remove the keyboard’s top panel: Dell designed the laptop in such a way that the fan is easily accessible. Remove all screws from the entire enclosure to completely detach the keyboard.
  • Remove the keyboard. You can see the fan if you unclip the motherboard from the top and bottom.
  • Using a clean fan to blow dust Using a soft cloth, attempt to clean your laptop’s fan without hurting it.

How to Clean Laptop Fan Asus

When disassembling and cleaning an Asus laptop, the complete fan is removed and replaced. To avoid this, you must first unplug the keyboard and touchpad cords.

As much as possible, avoid it unless absolutely necessary. To avoid further troubles, use these steps to clean the Asus laptop fan:

  • Remove the panel completely: Collect all screws in a compact container. You will never be able to get rid of them.
  • It might be beneficial if you removed the keyboard from the casing as well to clean the fan. Ascertain that no screws are in the path.
  • To disconnect the keyboard panel from the circuit board, detach the connector from the board.
  • After disconnecting the keyboard panel, put it in a secure location.
  • Disconnect the motherboard’s cables: Unplug the fan. It is determined by the motherboard design, which you can study.
  • With one hand, hold the fan and gently clean it with a soft, clean cloth.

Can I replace the fan on my laptop?

Numerous laptop fans utilise plastic bearings that eventually wear out and must be replaced. When a loud whine emanates from the fan, it is time to replace it.

Amazon is your friend these days, but it helps if you know precisely what type of laptop you’re searching for: We discovered a large number of Dell, HP, and Asus enthusiasts, but you should be a little more particular.

Before you purchase anything, establish whether you will be able to reach the fan and compare your measurements to the seller’s.

Laptop cooling pads

External laptop cooling fans are a cost-effective and convenient solution. You’ll spend more for a pad from a well-known brand, but you’ll save money if you get one from an internet retailer like Amazon or eBay.

FAQs ― How to Clean Laptop Fan Without Opening

How can I tell if my laptop fan is dying?

If the laptop has no airflow, the fan may be harmed. If you hear the fan running at a low speed but only perceive moderate airflow from the ventilation, the fan may have been jammed and the vents cleared by a compressed air explosion.

Can I manually turn on my laptop fan?

Each gadget incorporates a ventilator to prevent the central processing unit from overheating (CPU). It would be beneficial if you disabled the intelligent fan function, allowing you to manually control your fan via the BIOS menu.

Can I use hair dryer to clean laptop?

If you are unable to use a heat-free hairdryer, do not use one. Keep your hands away from the coat dryer or anything on your workstation. Make contact with the coat. It generates static electricity and completely encases your notebook. The same holds true if individuals clean a vacuum cleaner inside a laptop.

Can I clean my laptop fan with a vacuum cleaner?

Avoid using vacuum cleaners around a laptop to avoid static electricity buildup. Vacuum cleaners are ineffective at removing dust off computers and can actually contribute to dust accumulation. Dust the vents (or as close to them as possible) using an air duster and begin blowing away the dust with the nozzle fitted into the vents.