How to Charge Laptop With HDMI

Laptops are an individual’s most basic requirement. Their portability distinguishes them. They are weightless and simple to transport, making them the ideal travel companion. It is critical, however, to keep your laptop charged.  

When your laptop battery runs out, and you need to continue working, it’s critical to know how to charge it even if you don’t have your standard laptop charger with you. One way to accomplish this is through the HDMI port. In this post, we will discuss step by step How to Charge Laptop With HDMI? So without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is Actually HDMI?

How to Charge Laptop With HDMI

HDMI is an acronym for great Definition Multimedia Interface. It is the most frequently used high definition signal for transmitting both audio and video in high definition over a single cable. It is used in both commercial and residential AV applications. It is the most frequently used cable in homes for connecting devices such as digital televisions, DVD players, Blu-ray players, Xbox, Playstation, and AppleTV to the tv.

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HDMI is being used to connect an increasing number of home audio-video devices, but it is also being used to link notebooks and PCs. It is thus becoming the standard for the corporate and commercial markets for education, presentation, digital signage, and retail display to transmit high-quality audio-video signals from device to device.

How to Charge Laptop With HDMI?


This method is appropriate when the laptop does not include an HDMI port. You could also use a Type C USB port to circumvent this.

What You Will Need?

If you’ve misplaced your charger or if your charger has stopped working, use these items to charge your laptop.

  • Verify that the laptop includes a USB Type C port.
  • Whether it comes equipped with an HDMI adapter cable.
  • If there is a connector or adapter available to convert type C USB to HDMI, please let us know.

How Is the Connection Completed?

  • Connect your HDMI cable to the LCD monitor that is capable of supporting HDMI.
  • Connect the HDMI to any type c connector or adapter and ensure that the other end of the cable is connected.
  • Connect the USB Type C connector to the laptop’s port, and you’re done.


If your laptop includes an HDMI port, this method is ideal because it does not require any additional accessories. Now the question is how to charge a laptop via HDMI, which requires only a few items. This method can use to set a notebook, laptop, Chromebook, or HDMI.

What You Will Need?

  • Television with HDMI ports
  • A cable HDMI

A Step-by-step Procedure for Completing the Connection

  • Connect the HDMI cable using the HDMI input on your television.
  • Connect the adapter to the port on your laptop using the included cable.

How You Unable to Charge My Laptop via HDMI?

There are some examples where you may be unable to connect your laptop via an HDMI cable to a television or monitor to charge the laptop battery effectively.

If you’re wondering why this is, there are two primary reasons: mobile phones and tablets already include them, whereas laptops do not, or your television or monitor does not support HDMI.

If HDMI Is Not Supported by the Television or Monitor You Are Currently Using

The most frequently occurring reason for this is that the television was manufactured before creating the HDMI standard. However, many televisions and monitors now include HDMI ports; therefore, ensure that the device you’re using supports the latest standards.

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Not all new televisions and monitors include these ports, so double-check if you purchased your new tv or monitor at a big box store and are unaware.

If You Are Trying to Charge Your Laptop With an Older Adapter

Suppose you attempt to charge your laptop using an adapter that does not support the latest HDMI standards. In that situation, you can resolve the problem by using an adapter that supports older technologies such as VGA or DVI. These work in conjunction with your existing adapter and enable your computer to connect and charge.

Some Additional Important Notes:

  • If your computer has an LCD when it boots up, you can use its power cord rather than an external charger.
  • When connected via HDMI, your laptop can use this as its primary power source; however, the laptop may not charge if connected via USB or Thunderbolt. If this is the case, unplug the monitor’s cable and reconnect with another connection.

Is Charging Your Laptop via Hdmi a Safe Method?

How to Charge Laptop With HDMI

Laptops that include specialized adapters provide regulated voltage for charging laptops. HDMI is an excellent option if you like to watch high-definition movies on a large screen or even on a high-end system. Additionally, HDMI adapters provide a high current or voltage, which is not ideal for electrical appliances.

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However, if you find yourself seriously stranded somewhere, we recommend charging your laptop via an HDMI cable. Otherwise, it is recommended to utilize the laptop’s included charging adapter.

FAQs – How to Charge Laptop With HDMI?

Which Is Better Hdmi or Vc Cable?

While an AV (analog) cable can transmit video and audio at low resolutions, HDMI cables transmit high-definition content. Indeed, if you intend to stream the latest movies and shows, you will undoubtedly discover that an HDMI connection is superior to an AV cable for your setup.

What Are HDMI Port?

HDMI is a high-definition signal that is most frequently used to transfer audio and video content between devices. HDMI ports come in a variety of sizes, including mini-HDMI and micro-HDMI. However, in the majority of cases, the port will be full size.

Can HDMI Port be Used for Charging?

You’ll need an adapter or connector to connect the type-C USB and HDMI ports via an HDMI or adapter cable to charge the laptop. Additionally, you can charge the laptop by connecting its type-C port to the Type-C port on your smartphone via a data cable.

Is HDMI Port Important for Laptop?

Occasionally, you’ll require more screen space than your notebook can provide. However, to upgrade to more extensive and better panels, you’ll need an HDMI port. HDMI, an acronym for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, enables your laptop to transmit compressed or uncompressed audio and video data via a single cable.


I hope you will be helped by this fantastic guide on How to Charge Laptop With HDMI? Charging your laptop via USB or HDMI is not considered the optimal method. It lacks sufficient power, requires significantly more time, and is not the most convenient option. 

Additionally, it is not recommended to use this type of charger with a laptop. If your charger becomes damaged or you lose it, make sure to purchase a brand new charger after verifying its power and voltage compatibility. 

It may prevent your battery from being drained and will extend the life of your laptop. You could also charge the laptop via USB rather than HDMI, but this is not recommended.

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