How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptop? Easy Guide

Do you need to know How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptop? Do you need to correct system errors? Having the Creators Update version installed causes this issue. Due to a bug infection, Windows 10 has become an annoyance for the user.

While trying to log into the device, you’ll most likely come into the issue. The only way to remove the error message from the screen is to click on the cross sign and send it away. Problems with the VCRUNTIME140.dll or HP 3D DriveGuard applications are the root cause of this system’s issues. This post will show you six different ways to go about it.

Accelerometers Exe

A part of Hewlett-3D Packard’s DriveGuard software, AccelerometerST.exe is the real programme. For certain HP ProBook and EliteBook laptops, a third-party hardware device such as the HP 3D DriveGuard shields the hard drive from shocks and drops. The 3D DriveGuard system tray process is started by the AccelerometerSt.exe programme.

What is Accelerometerst Exe Error?

Corrupt or missing VCRUNTIME140.dll Files, HP 3D DriveGuard, a computer lacking the most recent Visual C++ redistributable package for Visual Studio 2015, or a corrupted redistributable package are all possible causes of this issue. 10

Causes of Accelerometerst Exe Error

Regardless of the criticisms, Windows 10 is a fantastic operating system with a huge following. Unfortunately, both users and Microsoft had issues with the updates. For the first time, Microsoft did not release a new version of Windows but instead updated Windows 10.

Even if it would be good, the performance was not universally applauded An AccelerometerSt.exe error can appear after installing the Creators Update on your Windows 10 computer. However, this blunder is merely irritating. There’s no need to search any further if you want to fix this annoying error.

How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptop?

How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptop

Fortunately, this program’s flaws can be fixed easily. You don’t have to break a sweat to fix these issues because we’ve prepared a few simple fixes. They’re all here:

Uninstall the Program

The error message we previously described is the most common problem with this product. One of the quickest methods to fix it is to uninstall the supporting application. The following are the measures that we can do, according to the Microsoft Forum:

  • The Start button can be seen on your computer’s desktop.
  • To open the Control Panel, click the Icon.
  • Programs and features can be found here.
  • The HP 3D Driveguard programme can be found by rolling.
  • Using your right mouse button, select “Uninstall”
  • Restart your computer after removing the unwanted programme.

Error messages should cease after the software is removed from the system. Go to the HP website and contact the manufacturer for information on how to download the application again.

Repair Faulty File

Errors may be released by the operating system due to corrupt files. Fortunately, Windows offers a powerful system file management tool that can replace or fix these files with a cached version. This scan can be completed in a few simple steps.

  • Search for PowerShell by right-clicking in the search box and typing the command. Alternatively, choose “Run as administrator.”
  • The Windows and X keys can also be used in conjunction. As an administrator, choose and use PowerShell.
  • Once you’ve done that, type SFC / scan now into the command line.
  • Let the command do its job and be prepared to wait for a few seconds while it does so.
  • When the scanning and fixing process is complete, Windows will give you an alert.
  • If the issue persists, try logging back in after a fresh restart.

Since this method should work for the most majority of our customers, we’ve decided to upgrade this one. By this, you will know How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptop?

Use Power Shell

  • PowerShell may be found by searching for it in the search box and right-clicking on it from the results.
  • Use the provided parameters to run as administrator.
  • In the blue panel, type or copy the information and paste it.
  • After the scanning process has begun, a report of the findings is created. If it discovers any damaged files, it quickly attempts to fix them and notifies the user if this is not possible.

Register the VCRUNTIME140.dll

The error message we previously described is the most common problem with this product. Remove the supporting programme as a quick and easy remedy. The following are the measures that we can do, according to the Microsoft Forum:

There may be a second error message in addition to the one we’ve just explained. Connected to the VCRUNTIME140.dll error message This is how it appears to be.

System Error AccelerometerSt.exe

  • Your computer does not have VCRUNTIME140.dll, which prevents the software from running. To fix this issue, perform a fresh installation of the software.
  • If you run into this issue, you can try the Appuals solution:
  • Press the Windows key and E at the same time to open File Explorer.
  • Search C:WindowsSystem32 for VCRUNTIME140.dll.
  • Try again in drive D if necessary.
  • If you can’t locate VCRUNTIME140.dll, open the Run window and put regsvr32/uC:WindowsSystem32VCRUNTIME140.dll in the search box.
  • Do this and restart your computer, and the error message will disappear.

Replace Microsoft Visual C ++

Verify that you have the Microsoft Visual C++ 3 Redistributable Package Update. If you don’t already have it installed on your computer, follow the instructions here to learn how to do so.

  • On Microsoft’s website, you can find this software, or you may click here to get it.
  • Click Download after selecting your preferred language.
  • If you have a 64-bit operating system, select VC redist.x64.exe. If you have a 32-bit operating system, select VC redist.exe.
  • When you click Next, your Download will begin.
  • After downloading, run the installer and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After that, the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package update is installed on your PC. If the problem persists, try performing a fresh boot of your machine.

After installing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package Update 3, if the error persists, try fixing it. Installations can occasionally be buggy, but this is usually fixable.

  • Go to the search box and look for the control panel.
  • Make sure you’ve uninstalled Header of Programs by clicking the Uninstall button.
  • From the apps mentioned, look for the Microsoft Visual C ++ 3 Redistributable Package Update
  • You may uninstall by right-clicking and selecting Uninstall.
  • A wizard is supposed to appear, however instead of deleting the software, options are offered. Select Repair to have things fixed in a flash.

Go Back to the Last Version

There are very few times when none of the aforementioned options work. In other words, don’t upgrade to Windows 10 unless you’re willing to wait for Microsoft to fix your problems. Please keep in mind that Creator’s update must be installed within 30 days after its release.

  • When you get to the login screen, make sure to keep Shift pressed when pressing the power icon. To begin in advanced mode without releasing the Shift key, click Restart.
  • To get more advanced troubleshooting options, go to Troubleshooting and select Advanced Options. From this menu, select Revert to a previous build.
  • You’ll be requested to sign in at some point. Enter your username and password. Select the option to return to the previous build.
  • The error should be fixed now that you have access to the previous version.

AccelerometerSt.exe should no longer be a problem after running this programme.

FAQs – How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptops? 

What Is Hp Accelerometer System Tray?

Software component of HP 3D DriveGuard from Hewlett-Packard, the real Accelerometer. As a motion sensor, this gadget is named after the three-axis digital accelerometer, which notifies the system of any sudden movements and automates the hard drive to prevent data loss.

What Is Hp Accelerometer System Tray in Startup?

The HP Mobile Data Protection application with a digital accelerometer, Hp Accelerometer System Tray, protects your disc drive when you drop your PC by parking and blocking I/O requests.

How Do I Fix Hp Accelerometer Error?

The HP 3D DriveGuard application can be uninstalled from the Windows Control Panel by right-clicking and selecting Uninstall. Restart the notebook after that. The HP 3D DriveGuard version can be downloaded and saved to your Downloads folder from the link provided.

What is HP Drive Guard?

HP 3D DriveGuard’s accelerometer-based protection ensures that HDD heads are immediately parked in the event of a drop or accident.


This site is focused about helping you find out: How Can I Fix Accelerometerst Exe on Hp Laptop? This is a simple problem to solve. However, keep in mind that this programme could be malware posing as Accelerometerst.exe. Consider this before running it. The programme error messages Accelerometerst.exe may be related to this.

However, if the error warnings and corrupted files persist, you can attempt these fixes. If your computer is already infected with malware or a Trojan, it’s a good idea to run a virus scan on a frequent basis during this process.