Gorgeous French Tip Nail Designs That Put a Fresh Spin On The Classic

39 Gorgeous French Tip Nail Designs That Put a Fresh Spin On The Classic – May the Ray

We all love good french tip nail designs right? It’s a classic style and for good reason; it’s just one of those infallible nail designs that seems to look good with everything.

Yes we all love a good french manicure but people don’t realize that there are so many ways you can switch it up and make the classic style into something fun and new! Honestly there is a lot you can do with french tips, this post is full of nail designs that range from your classic frenchies, but done with fun, unique colors (instead of the classic white) to like crazy 3D chrome french tips. It can get crazy, but that’s the point of nail art right?! It’s a great way to express yourself, to feel good and to have fun!

Double Line Black and White French Nails

A nail design is just a lot more stylish when it’s in black and white, right?? Totally love these black and white nails with the outline below the tips.

Pink Chrome Tips

Chrome nails have been so trendy lately. It’s a nail trend that seemed to come out of nowhere and completely swept through the internet. But who can blame anyone for going crazy over these, they’re stunning.

Zebra Tips

Zebra French Tips

Like I said before, animal print nails are so big right now and honestly I feel like Zebra print nail art is winning right now.

Pink French Nails with Stars

These nails are so so pretty. Honestly pink french tips are always so so cute. And then you add this star design with little gems? Totally the cutest way to style a french manicure.

Black Double Line French Tip Nails

I’m absolutely obsessed with the double line nail art when it comes to french tips. This is when you have your classic frenchie and then add another line just below it. It’s just very eye catching.

Triangle French Tip Nails

Triangle French Tip Nails

A stunning twist to classic french tip nails is these rectangle french tips, they’re such a fun, modern twist to the tips we know and love.

Blue French Tips with Flowers

These blue french tips are such a fun way to change up the classic style! I mean just switch out the classic white with a color you love and add some pretty flower nail art…

Matte and Glossy Brown French Tip Nails

There is something so satisfying about a glossy and matte combo. Especially in french tip form.

Rainbow Pastel French Tip Nails

Can’t pick one color for your french tips? Just pick them them all! Ha, just kidding but this is totally a fun little way to do your french manicure (with some cute pastel colors).

Pink Ombre Nails with White Tips

This is totally another gorgeous way to switch up a classic frenchie. I mean, this is like the best of two worlds, you get a stunning ombre set with a classic french tip all in one!

Classic French Tip Manicure with Gems

Ohh this is giving like the perfect wedding manicure, right? French tips are always such a classic and timeless style that I feel like they make for the perfect wedding nails for the bride, you can obviously take the manicure to the next level with a few gems…

Classic Almond French Manicure

Sometimes you just gotta appreciate the basics. And you can’t deny the fact that a set of almond french tips is like the superior form of the style.

Black French Tips

Completely obsessed with black french tips. There is just something so striking about them, right?! Tell me I’m not the only one that thinks so!

Pastel Colored Side Tips

Another fun twist to the classic frenchie is the side tips. They’re so so fun and you can do a lot with the style, like pick some fun pastel colors for the set!

Two Tone Pink French Tip Nails

I’ve always though that the two color french tip nail designs were always so cute, especially if you pick the right colors! Can’t go wrong with pink nails of course, or black and white…

Half Black French Nails

White and black on nails will always be a superior combo, and these half black and half white nails are honestly stunning.

White Croc Inspired Tips

Another really popular nail trend that has been going crazy lately has been the animal print nail art. These crocodile print inspired french tips are fun spin on the trend.

Pink French Manicure

A soft pink french tip with a pink base is such a cute way to wear the french nail design.

Glitter French Tip Nails

An easy way to spice up your classic french manicure is to use a glittery base under the white tips. It’s subtle and still elegant.

Black and White Tips with Hearts

We love a good monochrome moment right? Black and white french tips are always so cute and this set is even cuter with the little hearts art.

Pink French Tip Nails with Glitter Outline

I don’t know there is something so addictive about a pink french tip, I feel like if you don’t want to do the classic white, pink is always the second best option. And you can spice up the manicure with a glittery outline of the tips.

Black French Tips with Stars

This is another way you can rock the star burst nail trend. It seems like this nail art looks so good on anything, these black french nails with the stars art are stunning and you can totally swap out the black with what ever color you want.

Silver Drip Tips

Chrome nails have been so trendy lately and chrome nails with this drippy style have basically just blown up the internet. It’s definitely fun and unique, would you try it?

Dotted Pastel Frenchie

Totally love the dots around the french tips, they make an already fun and colorful manicure into even more fun!

Green French Tips

Classic manicure but with green tips instead! Switching out the colors is a great way to have fun with your french tips…

Neon Green Croc Tips

This is the neon green version of the crocodile print french tip nails. The raised design takes the animal print nail art trend to a whole new level.

Red French Tip Nails

A very red twist to the classic manicure. I mean who doesn’t love red. These nails will totally make you feel like taking over the world. They’re so stunning.

Neon Green Tips

Sometimes you need a bright pop of color in your life. So get yourself a set of neon french tip nails for that fun pop of color for your mani.

White and Blue French Tips with Swirls

Switch it up a little by adding colored swirls to your french tip nails. Blue is a stunning choice of course.

Gold Tips Nails

Gold tips are just so sexy. There is something so alluring about a gold chrome french manicure.

Glossy Classic French Manicure

Honestly this glazed nails trend has stolen our hearts and is here to stay. So why not glazed french tip nails?

Half French Tips

The half filled french tips are just so so cute. If you’re looking for a simple, fun little twist to the french mani then this is it…

Blue and White French Tips with Flowers

Just add little flower nail art to a set and it becomes 10 times cuter. So obsessed with these blue and white french tips.

3D Gold Chrome Nails

Obsessed with this new 3D chrome nails trend, it’s unique, like something out of a movie or story. So cool.

Ombre Nails with Negative Space Tips

These ombre nails are a mix of two beautiful words, ombre nails and negative space french tips!

Tortie French Tip Nails

Tortoiseshell print nails are always so so cute, so obviously the french tip version would be so cute as well.

Black Tip Nails with White Flowers

A unique way to decorate your french tips is with flower nail art in the actual tips. So cute right?

Line French Tips

Line French Tips

Another fun and modern twist to the classic french tip are these like border line tips, they’re honestly so cute…

White Swirly Tips

A unique spin on the french mani is this interesting swirly design, it’s definitely fun and unique and you should definitely try this design if you’re looking for something new.