31 Foods That Starts with the Letter X

31 Foods That Starts with the Letter X

Want to have some enjoyable and make some meals that begin with letter X? Try these meals!

Reciting ABCs after we attain X, most of us get stumped. It’s exhausting to search out a few phrases that begin from the letter X, not to mention know the names of meals that begin with X. However, there’s nothing that escapes us, even when it’s the letter x.

Here is a cool record of meals that begins with the letter X. serve these and watch your visitor’s mouths grasp open while you pronounce the names of the following meals.

foods that start with x

1. XO Sauce

XO Sauce

Here’s a Chinese delicacies sauce that you just’d need to slather on the whole lot you eat. It’s that good. XO sauce hails from Hong Kong, and its key elements are shallots, garlic, chilli, and oil and a mixture of seafood like scallops and rice shrimp.

As odd as this recipe sounds, XO Sauce is one among the most flavorful sauces ever you could add to or eat with any finger meals you need. The dry chili flakes offers this sauce a stupendous purple colour, and the garlic offers it a burst of taste.

2. Xylitol


Xylitol is your good sugar substitute. It is definitely extracted from numerous vegetation, together with many fruit and veggies and is changing into a typical ingredient in wholesome baking recipes.

3. Xinomavro Grapes

Xinomavro Grapes

Xinomavro Grapes are uncommon, they make the most scrumptious wines, however since they’re exhausting to develop and handle, most vineyards use a portion of those grapes to mix in with wines somewhat than make wines solely with these grapes.

Apart from that, these grapes are trending attributable to their darkish pores and skin and distinctive taste. Not solely are these grapes distinctive, however the identify can be fairly completely different and descriptive. Xinomavro; the place Xino means Sour and Mavro means Black.

4. Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum

You’d be shocked to search out that xanthan gum is the important ingredient for a lot of recipes and customary meals, similar to Gluten-free lemon pie, Balsamic Vinegar Syrup, and Gluten-free Fried Chicken.

Xanthan Gum is a tasteless powder created from the pure fermentation of corn sugar, wheat, or cabbage. Once fermented, Alcohol to added to the combination, and the combination is then cooled down. Once dried, the combination is grounded right into a powder.

Xanthan Gum prompts as quickly because it is available in contact with any liquid. No cooking or heating is required to activate the gum. The most typical use of Xanthan Gum is to thicken soups or curries.

5. Xia Mi

Xia Mi

Xia Mi is a delicacy of China, Xia Mi is mandarin for Dried shrimp. These are usually a sort of chinese language small shrimps which are sun-dried to reinforce their taste. However, drying additionally makes them shrink even smaller.

These shrimps are used for cooking every kind of dumpling fillings, soups, stir-fries, braises, and wonton stuffings.

6. Xavier Soup

Xavier Soup

Time for some Italian meals that begins from X; Xavier Soup. If you assume Italian meals is overrated, you want to attempt Xavier Soup. The soup has been trending since the feast of St. Francis. It’s the most comforting meals ever.

The important elements of this soup are Dumplings and Chicken broth, however heavy cream, butter, and cheese make it so satisfying. To add taste, spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, and purple pepper flakes are added to the lot.

7. Xmas Cookies

Xmas Cookies

Those cookies that you just serve to Santa, what are they referred to as? Yes, you guessed it proper; Xmax Cookies. No matter which recipe you comply with, for those who make Xmas cookies, you might be most positively Santa’s favourite.

If you might be on the lookout for the chewiest Xmas cookies, you want to attempt the np baking powder recipe, which requires solely 4 elements.

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8. Xavier Steak

If you want premium meals, you’ll fall in love with the style and taste of Xavier Steak. Imagine a superbly accomplished steak topped with asparagus drizzled with olive oil.

You may even order your Xavier steak with swiss cheese that’s melted on the steak with the assist of a broiler. A steak match for a king.

9. Xigua


Here’s a yummy deal with for you, Xigua, or a watermelon look-alike. However, in comparison with a typical watermelon, Xigua doesn’t have too many seeds. Moreover, the exterior of Xigua is barely completely different from a mean watermelon.

Apart from China, Xigua can be cultivated in Africa. Did you already know you may make savory dishes with the rinds of Xigua?

10. Xnipec


Craving one thing spicy to excite your style buds? Let’s head to Mexico for some Xnipec. Xnipec is spicy salsa that can ignite your style buds and make you ask for a cool drink.

Xnipec is a specialty of Central Mexico. The important elements in a freshly made Xnipec are bitter orange juice, peppers, and tomatoes.

If you need to make a killer appetizer in your company who like spicy meals, this needs to be your starter dip served with chips, nachos, or different finger meals. You also can serve this if you’re having tacos.

11. Xocolatl


Xocolatl is Mexican Hot Chocolate for many who like a touch of bitterness of their chocolate. If you’re a chocolate fan however solely like darkish or bitter chocolate, Xocolatl is made for you.

Xocolatl is flavored with cinnamon or chilli. It’s all you want for chilly winter nights, with the most romantic film in your TV display and a scorching mug of Xocolatl in your fingers.

12. Xi Gua Lao

The hottest dish created from Xigua is Xi Gua Lao. It’s generally generally known as watermelon jelly. Xi Gua Lao is made with cherries, sugar, agar, and vanilla powder. The key ingredient in Xi Gua Lao is watermelon.

Xi Gua Lao is a summer time deal with you may’t miss for those who journey to China this summer time. Many avenue distributors in China promote Xi Gua Lao with a mix of different unique fruits.

13. Xingren doufu

Xingren doufu

If you aren’t keen on typical ice cream and chocolate desserts, it’s best to attempt Xingren doufu. Xingren doufu is created from almond milk, agar, and sugar, and it’s a Beijing-based dessert.

It’s very straightforward to make, and you’ll simply make it at dwelling you probably have all the elements. Mix all the elements, warmth it and add the gelatin. Now refrigerate it until it solidifies.

Cut it into shapes and luxuriate in a easy but tasty deal with after a heavy dinner. You also can add meals dye to make it in numerous colours.

14. Xoconostle


Are you contemplating occurring a strict eating regimen attributable to weight or every other illness? You want a touch of Xoconostle in your life. This will preserve your eating regimen from going boring, and it’ll additionally preserve your style buds engaged.

It is also called bitter prickly pear cactus fruit. Did you already know that Xoconostle is beneficial for individuals on a eating regimen as it’s packed with fiber, vitamin C, calcium, and antioxidants that preserve the physique energetic and guarded throughout exhausting coaching classes and a extreme eating regimen program?

You also can make yummy jams and jellies from Xoconostle, who stated a strict eating regimen must be boring.

15. Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao

Anything that comes out of a bamboo steamer is value tasting. Xiao Long Bao are steamed buns which are loved scorching and recent as quickly as they arrive out of the bamboo steamer. They are a delicacy of China, and the identify Xiao Long Bao roughly interprets to “little dragon bag”.

You can fill your steamed buns with any sort of filling, however in China, the genuine buns are stuffed with pork, and they’re seasoned with ginger, garlic, and sesame. Dipped in soy sauce, these are one among the finest avenue meals in China.

16. Xoi


Xôi is a well-liked breakfast dish in Vietnam. It’s good for the complete household as it may be eaten as each a candy or savory dish in order that the members of the family can take their choose between the two flavors.

It’s a glutinous rice dish made with sticky rice and numerous elements to reinforce its style. Most areas make Xoi with peanuts, eggs, and beans.

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17. Xidoufen


Some meals are confirmed to reduce heartache and despair. Most usually, such meals are referred to as consolation meals. Xidoufen is a kind of meals. Most individuals aren’t conscious, however Xidoufen is utilized in many antidepressant medicines.

Xidoufen consolation meals is a soup made with boiled peameal with every kind of herbs and spices.

While different soups are loved with dumplings, Xidoufen is mostly eaten with flatbread.

18. Xacuti


Let’s take a fast journey to India to have the spicy, savory dish of Goa generally known as Xacuti. Xacuti can be widespread in Portuguese as chacuti. Despite its distinctive identify, this dish is known round the world, and it’s additionally served in lots of widespread eating places.

The key elements of Xacuti are beef of any form like lamb, mutton, or rooster. The flavors that make Xacuti so irresistible come from coconut, massive dried chillies, and poppy seeds. Apart from that, ginger, garlic, and onion are additionally used for cooking Xacuti.

19. Ximenia caffra

Let’s add a bit of spice to your monotonous life with the letter X and cook dinner Ximenia Caffra. Ximenia caffra is an African plum that may be a little bitter to style, however when you get the style of it, it is going to be exhausting to let go.   

20. Xylocarp


Fan of berries, you want to attempt Xylocarp. It is a berry that’s generally present in Asia. You could make every kind of Jams, jellies, and liqueurs with Xylocarp.

21. Xampinyons en Salsa Mushrooms

Xampinyons en Salsa Mushrooms

Here’s a mushroom recipe that can blow your company away. If you want to impress your boss or the excessive command, you want to invite them for dinner and cook dinner Xampinyons en Salsa Mushrooms amongst different issues.

Xampinyons en Salsa Mushrooms is a Spanish meal, and everyone knows how hearty Spanish meals is. You can use any sort of mushrooms for this dish, i.e. ceps, Vierge, girolles, and many others. Apart from mushrooms, the recipe has sherry, herbs, and garlic as key elements.

As this recipe is served chilly, guarantee you’ve got loads of scorching meals to enhance it.

22. Xalapa Punch

Xalapa Punch

Xalapa Punch cocktail is the most trending cocktail at most celebrations and events attributable to its flavorful punch. This pleasant punch is a mixture of black tea, honey, apple brandy, and rum.

In addition to that, so as to add a particular kick to this punch, lemon, orange, and purple wine are additionally added to the combine. The punch is usually candy with a fruity taste. It additionally has a bitter style, making this punch much more fascinating.

23. Xilacayota Squash

Xilacayota Squash

Xilacayota Squash is one meals that’s identified for its well being advantages. It’s packed with Vitamin B8, and it’s the finest meals to eat for diabetes as it’s an insulin mediator.

Moreover, not solely the fruit however the leaves and stems of the Xilacayota Squash are additionally edible. It’s mostly generally known as Figleaf Gourd in the USA.

So, if you wish to serve a singular dish that begins with X, that is what you want. You can bake, boil, or use it as filling in your dishes. You also can use it in salads as it may be eaten uncooked as nicely.

24. Xoài


Xoài is mangoes in Vietnam, an unique fruit that’s also called the king of fruits in lots of Asian international locations. Xoài is used to make a Vietnamese delicacy referred to as Gi xoài. Gi xoài is made with mangoes, shrimp, and herbs.

Did you already know that Xoài wants loads of moisture to develop? This is why they’re solely grown in the southern provinces of Vietnam.

25. Xiangcaojing


Xiangcaojing is Chinese for vanilla; that is the most typical taste that’s utilized in baking and ice cream. Vanilla isn’t utilized in baking as a result of it’s a typical taste, however as a result of it smells as divine because it tastes. Hence each baking recipe has vanilla.

If you’re keen on a bit of sweetness after your meals, vanilla is the finest wager it’s a must to clear your palate and clean up your mouth.

 26. Xihongshi

Have you ever had stir-fried tomatoes and eggs in China? If you’ve got, then you need to know that.

Xihongshi is Chinese for tomatoes, and Xihongshi Chao Jidan is Chinese for stir-fried tomatoes and eggs.

It’s a well-known Chinese avenue meals that’s each scrumptious and economical for each the locals and the vacationers, it’s additionally vital.

If you need to make this widespread Chinese dish at dwelling, all you want to do is fry up some tomatoes with eggs and spices, and you might be accomplished. Yes, the recipe is that easy and fulfilling. Enjoy a hearty meal in simply minutes.

27. Xouba Fish

Xouba Fish

Xouba Fish, generally generally known as pilchard, it’s a small fish that’s fairly widespread for its versatile style that’s superb for a lot of dishes. Mostly, Xouba Fish is available in cans and is able to fry or cook dinner. You can take pleasure in your Xouba Fish with salads or toast it with tomato and white cheese.

Cuba Fish resembles sardines and are eaten when they’re infants. Mature Xouba Fish can be an possibility, nevertheless it’s uncommon to eat a mature Xouba Fish.

28. Xanthia


Here’s one other cocktail in your New Year celebrations. This cocktail is a mixture of Yellow Chartreuse, dry gin, and cherry brandy. Make positive you add loads of ice to this cocktail, or the style might be ruined.

This is an aesthetic cocktail that may be very straightforward to combine and serve. The distinctive identify makes the drink very posh and spectacular in your company.

29. Xiang Jiao

Xiang Jiao

If your youngsters aren’t ending their bananas, you need to inform them they’re having the unique Xiang Jiao from China. This will make them eat their bananas with none fuss. Kids love such cool info about the meals that they’re consuming.

You also can use Xiang Jiao to make some banana bread in your youngsters’ tea time; that’s additionally a cool technique to eat bananas.


  • 1. XO Sauce
  • 2. Xylitol
  • 3. Xinomavro Grapes
  • 4. Xanthan Gum
  • 5. Xia Mi
  • 6. Xavier Soup
  • 7. Xmas Cookies
  • 8. Xavier Steak
  • 9. Xigua
  • 10. Xnipec
  • 11. Xocolatl
  • 12. Xi Gua Lao
  • 13. Xingren doufu
  • 14. Xoconostle
  • 15. Xiao Long Bao
  • 16. Xoi
  • 17. Xidoufen
  • 18. Xacuti
  • 19. Ximenia caffra
  • 20. Xylocarp
  • 21. Xampinyons en Salsa Mushrooms
  • 22. Xalapa Punch
  • 23. Xilacayota Squash
  • 24. Xoài
  • 25. Xiangcaojing
  • 26. Xihongshi
  • 27. Xouba Fish
  • 28. Xanthia
  • 29. Xiang Jiao


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