51 Classy Winter Nails You Cannot Take Your Eyes Off!

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These classy winter nails will keep you looking sharp all season!

As the temperature outside starts to drop, we all know that it’s only a matter of time until winter arrives. And with winter comes all the fun things associated with it – Christmas, New Year’s, cozy fireside evenings, hot chocolate, and cute sweaters. But along with all of the good stuff, there’s always that one thing that can be a little bit of a drag – cold weather means chapped hands and dry skin!

So this year, why not fight off those pesky winter blues by giving your nails some love? Try these classy winter nails that are sure to take your breath away. From glitter to chrome, there’s something for everyone in this roundup.

51 winter nails that are oh-so-cute

1. metallic blue

Oh my god, how goddamn gorgeous are these metallic blue sets? I’d wear them all winter and still won’t get bored!

2. softy pink

There’s something about a soft pink manicure on cold winter days that makes it a staple! Classic french and these little snowflakes look super cute.

3. 3-d snowflakes

What are winter nails without a lot of snowflakes? This matte 3-D style with different colors looks like what exactly winter is all about!

4. snow globe nails

Blue days with a lot of snow and even more snowmen describe the winter season perfectly. So why not put it over your nails this time?

5. barbie pink mani

If you are looking for a classy winter nail design, this is where your search ends. Look at the crisp lines, subtle snowflakes, and more than just pretty glitter accents.

6. candy cane nails

And if winter means Christmas to you, there’s no better way to cherish that than these nails.

7. pixie gold dust

51 classy Winter nails you won't be able to take your eyes off

Yes, glitters can look a bit chunky and not very classy sometimes, but this winter nail idea is not one of those cases. I mean, just look at this beauty!

8. blue french nails

French nails are one of the most classic things ever done to nails and they just do not get out of fashion. Even after 100 years!

9. white winter nails

These snow-inspired, french tip white sparkling nails is everything what elegance is all about.

10. nude blue

Let your creative juices flow for this creative winter nail idea with a cute mix of marble turquoise with nude.

11. butterfly wings

I am head over heels after seeing this one. How freakin’ unique, classy, and beautiful is this design? For me, it’s a 100 out of 0.

12. dark blue flakes

As if blue and snowflakes are not everything cold and winter.

13. velvet french tips

Velvet is indeed one of the richest and softest fabrics that I cannot wait to wear this season. Yes on body and on nails!

14. penguin nails

I love the grey matte finish, and there are no second thoughts about how cute this little penguin is. Reminds me of huggsie though!

15. Silver dust

Create a half and half silver-white french tip with a hint of snow on the ring finger to DIY this look at home.

16. metallic blue nails

I already displayed my new love for metallic blue nails and this one is just another favorite of mine!

17. sweater nails

Jeez, how beautiful are these sweater nail designs? If you ask me, so damn gdvygdsgba gorgeous!!!

18. mismatched mani

Mis-matched nails have been quite trendy for a few years now but still feel new and pretty.

19. classy green winter nails

51 classy Winter nails you won't be able to take your eyes off

Look at these green french swirls, how chef’s kiss are they?

20. chunky glitter

I told you about chunky glitter nails, right? Guess this one is a rare case too!

21. smokey grey

Gold is old, try silver foil accents this season and create a trend everyone would want to recreate!

22. abstract blue mani

Oh dear, these mismatched nails with mismatched swirls have already been added to my nails list for winter!

23. white sparkles

White sparkling nails are one of the easiest yet prettiest winter nails you’ll ever see. They are always on trend!

24. Christmas nails

Get in the holiday spirits with this stunning metallic red/burgundy tone nail polish. Simply apply it and savor the beauty!

25. simple winter nails

winter nails

Keep it minimalistic with this insanely cute blue color, swirls, and french tip.

26. snowflake ombre

I’m dead. Not seriously, but wow. I’m spell bounded by this incredibly beautiful, easy, snowy winter nail design.

27. metallic silver

Silver is officially a winter color I am adding to my nails wishlist. You can play with it in so many different ways.

28. glitter sweater nails

If you want to go a little extravagant, try this pink glitter sweater nails with clear snowflake acrylics.

29. frosty classy winter nails

Today only I screenshoted this design. It’s a pretty classic but always trendy nail design.

30. evil eye nails

With all the evil eyes around, this nail design is sure to protect you.

31. sparkly tips

51 classy Winter nails you won't be able to take your eyes off

Oh, this can easily be your wedding nails, with sparkling tips and pretty nude shade; you can also rock this in winter.

32. nude glitter nails

How easy is it to buy these press-on nails and just paste them to look winter ready in seconds?

33. white french nails

This winter manicure literally looks like snow caps. So appropriate for cold weather!

34. pastel purple sparkle

Pastels are undoubtedly one of the prettiest colors known to mankind. And this simple sparkling manicure in pastel purple color makes it perfect to carry in winter season.

35. blue polka dots

Doesn’t this one look like snowfall? And how easy is this to recreate? I’m sure anyone can DIY this at home.

36. shiny silver nails

Take your metallic silver nail polish and either draw some sparkles or paste stickers on it.

37. pink and blue mani

Oh Jesus, I am in love with this shiny pink shade. The manicure is subtle yet so very unique in its being.

38. acrylic winter nails

Mix everything winter – sweater, snowflakes, Christmas candy cane, and stuff teddy to create these hip new winter nails.

39. cuticle nail design

Keep it minimalist and elegant with this cute cuticle nails.

40. fresh winter snow

Make the snow come to life with an idea like this.

41. nude nails

If you wanna keep it soft and versatile, nude nails are your best bet!

42. gray winter nails

In awe of all these shades of grey. They’re definitely giving me winter vibes.

43. blue marble tips

Get artistic with side marble french tips and cuticle designs all over.

44. winter Grayland

45. sparkly silver

51 classy Winter nails you won't be able to take your eyes off

These sparkling tips will work perfectly for winter, holidays, and new Year altogether!

46. amethyst nails

Try a bright winter nail color this season to charm the weather accurately.

47. blue sweater nails

Of course, how can winter nails be complete without sweater designs? It’s adorable and never get’s out of style.

48. classy winter nails

Aren’t these precious snowy nails classy and Christmas-ready?

49. metallic manicure

If you want to have black winter nails, this is the most stylish set i have seen this year. The blues and blacks make a classic combo.

50. blue claws

I mean, two minutes of silence for the choice of color, and the subtle elegant design. Everything’s so pretty!

51. nude snowflake ombre

Girl, I’m swooning with this out of the world ombre design, the sparkly snowflakes are the stars!

So there you have it, some real classy winter nails that will keep your digits looking fab all season long. Whether you’re into understated elegance or want to make a bold statement with your nails, I hope you got what you needed.