Top 5 Best Screen Protectors For Nintendo Switch

5 Best Screen Protectors for Nintendo Switch

You probably want to safeguard your investment from scratches and dings when you spend a few hundred dollars on a new technology part. No exception is the Nintendo Switch! Switches are likely to scratch up on your screens if you bring them with you. Screen protectors are an easy and often cost-effective way to protect the screen of the Switch.

The Nintendo Switch display is made of plastic, making it super likely to scratch, scuff, and other damage. For the best possible appearance, it is necessary to purchase a Nintendo Switch screen protection unit, preferably tempered glass, to protect the screen of the console. One of our favorites is the AmFilm tempered glass screen protecting system, which is easy to install and feels like the standard switch screen.

Important note:

Before we begin, there is something important to note: you must buy the suitable Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite screen protectors! Because the screen sizes of the two Switch models are different, screen protectors are not interchangeable between them.

Things to Consider while Buying a Screen Protector (Buyer’s Guide)

When protecting your smartphone, the Nintendo Switch is similar. It would be beneficial if you had a screen protector with a design that allowed you to play without interruption. It’s better if you also had a protector equipped with oil and fingerprint-proof coatings because your fingers frequently contact your screen. Please read more about what to look for!

Damage resistance

While most products with tempered glass screen protectors should be resistant to scratches and impact-resistant, the same applies to your counterpart to the plastic film.

Cutting Precision

The most fluid self-installation possible is precut from all the screen protectors. It should have all the edges to ensure a smooth fit.

Transparency Screen

Although Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors function as a second surface, the display should not be obstructed. Make sure the colors are not damaged or affected when selecting a protector. It is also a great advantage if it has anti-blinding technology.

Anti-Fingerprint Smudges

To minimize fingerprints, screen protectors should be there. Not to mention oil-resistant coatings to keep the screen off.

Installation Kit

It’s pretty tricky to install a screen guard. So those with fantastic installation guides should be on your radar, without mentioning a seamless application technology.

Check out our selections for the best protective screen Nintendo Switch below!

1. AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector is the most widely used screen protector on the market today. Since they also produced a Switch lite version, this product flew out of the racks. It is also the most common option offered by retail stores, which explains their popularity.

A screen protector should resist your display. This is precisely where this product stands out. It is the longest-lasting out there and has saved many switches since the initial system was launched. It was even dropped on concrete and kept your screen.

In addition to the long durability, it has everything you would expect of a premium screen protector at this point. It is perfectly transparent and offers an excellent viewing experience. The difference in image quality is not apparent. Glare is a non-issue, and the touchscreen sensitivity works perfectly.

You get two screen guards, wet wipes, a cleaning cloth, a push-up card, hinge stickers, and a setup guide, of course. The current installation is where some could hit a roadblock. It isn’t so hard, but be patient and take your time. It can be difficult to get right the first time. Fortunately, they have 2 screen protectors.

You’ll have an excellent screen protector on your hand if you can go through the installation, one of the best in terms of durability.


• Explicitly designed for the Nintendo switch

• Ultra-clear 99.9% transparency high definition to allow optimal, natural viewing.

• Thickness is reliable and resilient and guarantees full tactile sensitiveness compatibility

• Highly resistant and scratch-resistant – 9H surface hardness and oleophobic coating for decreasing fingerprints.


• Unbelievably sustainable.

• Perfect openness

• Natural visualization experience

• Zero brightness.


• A bit difficult to install at the first time

2. [3 Pack] Hestia Goods Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you want to fit several devices or backup protectors if you mess up an application, this set of Hestia Goods tempered glass screen protectors offers a high value. The profile is slightly higher with a thickness of 0.33 millimeters than some other selections but still small enough for smooth docking and touchscreen. There is also an oleophobic coating to reduce smudging, and the clarity at 99,9% is top-notch. The screen protectors of Hestia are anti-illumination and anti-blue light.

Top 5 Best Screen Protectors For Nintendo Switch
Hestia Goods Tempered Glass Screen Protector

In case of damage, Hestia offers the protectors a lifetime replacement guarantee. Some reviewers said the application process for these protectors was complicated, but most users had few problems with the cloth, hinge stickers, and card smoothing.


• Goods of Hestia explicitly designed for the Nintendo switch

•Thickness is reliable and resilient and guarantees full tactile sensitiveness compatibility

• Ultra-clear 99.9% transparency high definition to allow optimal, natural viewing.

• Highly resistant and scratch-resistant – 9H surface hardness and oleophobic coating for decreasing fingerprints.


• High-definition glass to protect the eyes from blue light.

• 9H hard glass surface prevents scratches and provides maximum screen protection

• Comes with wet wipes to facilitate screen cleaning


• May leave on the screen adhesive glue

3. [3 Pack] iVoler Screen Protector Tempered Glass for Nintendo Switch

The iVoler Transparent HD Clear Scratch Protector is available in three packages so that you will always have that spare. This tempered glass is thin, so it does not have any chance of affecting the sensitivity to the touchscreen. In addition, the sizes are perfect and guarantee complete coverage.

Top 5 Best Screen Protectors For Nintendo Switch

They also added a unique blue light filter to prevent strain in the eye. So now, without worrying about your eyes, you can play. It is also durable and fitted with a fingerprint and scratchproof layer. The package also includes a guide to the installation, some alcohol swabs, and a microfiber tissue. Sadly, the accuracy makes installing difficult, and the instructions are somewhat fluid.

The iVoler VGuard is a large tempered glass screen protector for your Nintendo switch, with a scratch-resistant coating, super transparency, and sufficiently thin to not interfere with touch screen functions. Moreover, in a three-pack, it is available. So if you have a household with more than one Switch, you can have backups or even fit several consoles.

The only thing we can think of is the protector’s ever so little glare. Sunlight indirect, the screen can be a bit difficult to see. It is still playable and looks decent, but there is a noticeable difference. Keep this in mind when shopping, especially if you are an image quality purist.


• explicitly designed for Nintendo Switch 2017

• Ultra-clear 99.9% transparency high definition to allow optimal, natural viewing.

• Thickness is reliable and resilient and guarantees full tactile sensitiveness compatibility

• Highly durable and resistant to scratches – 9H surface hardness and oleophobic-coated to reduce fingerprint.


• Filter for anti-blue light

• Scratch-resistant coating and fingerprint


  • Unclear instructions for installation

4. TalkWorks Tempered Glass for Nintendo Switch Screen Protector (2 Pack) Scratch

TalkWarks’ Tempered Glass for Nintendo Switch is another alternative screen protector on which you can count. The shield is made of tempered glass, so the quality is reliable. You can ensure that your Nintendo switch protects the screen against accidental drops, scratches, and effects.

Top 5 Best Screen Protectors For Nintendo Switch
TalkWorks Tempered Glass for Nintendo Switch Screen Protector

If you’re worried about the remaining things you’ll do with your Nintendo Switch, you’re wrong. You can see that the treated glass is compatible with the dock and does not peel, melt, crack or even chip even at high temperatures and loads.

Another great thing about the tempered glass screen protector is how the Nintendo switch is absorbed. Since the product is sold in not just one screen protector, not two, but three, you can make sure that your switch screen will be protected for months.


  • Resistant to scratch:
  • Easy installation, No Bubble
  • Multi-packages so that you have extras.


  • Sold in several packages
  • Superfit
  • Easy to install


  • Can create bubbles when incorrectly installed

5. Orzly Glass Screen Protectors compatible with Nintendo Switch

The Orzly Glass Screen Protector is an ultra-thin temperate protector for the glass screen. Although on the slimmer side, its thicker counterparts are still protected in the same way. This is a perfect option if you want a leaner alternative that does not compromise quality.

Top 5 Best Screen Protectors For Nintendo Switch
Orzly Glass Screen Protectors compatible with Nintendo Switch

Since it is thinner than its competitors, its responsiveness is outstanding, and transparency is better. This tempered glass is also resistant to scratches and is ideal for this additional protection. You’ll even notice that it sports rounded borders to strengthen a safer grip. The extra oil-resistant cover is comfortable so that you can easily wipe off smudges or snack stains.

It is also available in packs of two plus two other freebies, an alcohol swab, and a dust wipe. However, be careful when installing because it’s a bit bubble prone when not correctly set.


  • Effectively resists scratches up to 9H (more complicated than a knife).
  • High Response and High Openness
  • Smudge and resistant fingerprint
  • A rounded edge anti-chip improves gliding and grip.


• Thinner and slimmer display

• Coating resistant to Oil


  • A bit difficult to apply

Author’s Choice

After completing research on the Nintendo Switch Screen Protector, we are sure that the amFilm Nintendo Switch Screen Protector is a reliable and tempered glass screen protection system that makes your console safe from scratches, flags, and chips. This is a reliable choice if you want to achieve high-speed performance with a smooth finish.