11 Best Movie Projector Under 300 Dollars in 2021

If you set up a home theatre or prepare a business presentation, a projector can be a good way to get a large screen without a lot of money. We looked for the best movie projector under 300 dollars, and in this very affordable range, we found a surprising range of great choices.

The trick to a projector is to know exactly what you need from it before you start shopping. Different spaces and uses will need different features, and some features might not be so important to you.

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These inexpensive projectors can also provide you with more advanced features, such as 3D capability. See the reviews below for a better understanding of your choices.

Viewsonic PA503S – Best Movie Projector Under $300

ViewSonic PA503S 3800 Lumens SVGA High Brightness Projector for Home and Office with HDMI Vertical Keystone
  • VERSATILE PROJECTOR: High brighness 3800 Lumens SVGA projector with...
  • EASY SETUP: 1.1x optical zoom, 40 degree vertical keystone
  • REDUCED INPUT LATENCY: A low 16ms input latency provides faster...
  • LONG LAMP LIFE: SuperEco Mode allows the lamp to shine bright for up...
  • FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: Supports most media players, PCs, Macs, and...

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You can’t go wrong with Viewsonic PA503S if you look for a high-quality best movie projector under 300 dollars from a reputable company.

This lightweight Viewsonic projector falls just below the 300 dollars mark, offering an optical resolution of 800 x 600p and supporting 3800 lumens of brightness.

Its high lumen value allows you to enjoy your web content and movies without diminishing the entire space. Moreover, the high luminosity also permits daytime use.

It has a dynamic contrast ratio of 22000:1 and only weighs 7.14 pounds, making it sufficiently compact for storage anywhere.

The Viewsonic PA503S uses high-quality DLP display technology. A 100-inch screen can be seen from just 2.5 meters.

Viewsonic has SuperEco mode on this projector to enhance lamp life and increase the lamp life to a total of 15,000 hours. In this SuperEco mode, the luminosity of the lamp is reduced and overheated. In exchange, this function increases the life of the lamp by many folds.

You will also have no problems attaching this projection to numerous devices such as computers, laptops, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, and so forth.

Additional features include reduced input latency of 16ms and the HDMI port’s ability to view 3D images.

You can play your games on this screen in this way. At the same time, dabble with 3D cinema and enjoy a cinema-like home experience.

Vankyo Performance V630 – Best Movie Projector Under 300 Dollars

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Vankyo is a well-known brand of price-efficient projectors. Their range of projectors starts at $59, while the Vankyo Performance V630 is the brand’s leading projector.

It features irresistibly 1920 x 1080p full-HD resolution at 60Hz, ±45° correction of keystones, 50,000 hours of lamp life, and a max 300-inch panel as a flagship model.

The Vankyo Performance V630 is of high quality installed. It comes in a lightweight, portable white case to be carried everywhere. To enhance its portability, the company also offers the kit a decent quality carry case.

Since it has a throw ratio of 1.3x, from just 10 feet, you can reach 120-inch. This projector is also suitable for use in a small space or your dorm.

It features all-new networking features such as 2x HDMI, AV, VGA, USB, SD Card, and audio out port on the connectivity front. The screen mirror feature can also be used, and your phone screen can be reflected on the projector.

These networking choices are suitable for PC, Laptop, PS4, Xbox, USB, Pen Drives, Android/iOS devices, and media players streaming.

The brand is sufficiently generous to sell 2x 5W stereo talkers. However, it is easier to invest in a special speaker system to extract a better sound quality.

Even though the Vankyo Performance V630 is full of features, it is not even similar to the one found on the Viewsonic PA503S for its brightness.

While the brand doesn’t show its lumens worth, projectorreviews.com manages less than 500 lumens of brightness. This luminosity value is at best satisfactory. So it won’t be recommended to use this projector during the day. Please check our comprehensive analysis to learn more about this projector.

Yaber V6 – Best Projector Under $300 for Movies

ViewSonic PA503S 3800 Lumens SVGA High Brightness Projector for Home and Office with HDMI Vertical Keystone
  • VERSATILE PROJECTOR: High brighness 3800 Lumens SVGA projector with...
  • EASY SETUP: 1.1x optical zoom, 40 degree vertical keystone
  • REDUCED INPUT LATENCY: A low 16ms input latency provides faster...
  • LONG LAMP LIFE: SuperEco Mode allows the lamp to shine bright for up...
  • FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY: Supports most media players, PCs, Macs, and...

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The Yaber brand stands in tandem with the Vankyo Projector brand described above. It also specialises in the construction of low-cost projectors for casual users.

The Yaber V6 is a projector with the same features as the Vankyo Performance V630, but still, prices are lower. However, it does one-up since it provides less than $300 for wifi and Bluetooth.

This one also provides full HD resolution 1920 x 1080p along with 4K video support. However, it provides a better contrast ratio at 10000:1 compared to Vankyo V630.

Although the brand does not specify the lumens value of this projector, it claims that its luminosity is 7200 Lux, which is not an exact measure of its brightness. You may also expect the Yaber V6 to show a maximum brightness of 500 lumens.

Since the footprint of the projector is small, it comes with smaller packaging and the projector.

Yaber Y31 provides a 2x HDMI port, 1x VGA port, 2x USB, 1x AV port, and 1x audio out port for connectivity. The Yaber V6 is also wirelessly connected via the Mira cast for fast display mirroring your Android phone, iPhone, Macbook, and laptop.

Nebula Capsule – Best Movie Projector Under 300 Dollars

Anker NEBULA Capsule, Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector, 100 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector, 360° Speaker, Movie Projector, 100 Inch Picture, 4Hr Video Playtime for Inside and Outside, Watch Anywhere
  • Remarkable Clarity and Contrast: DLP's advanced IntelliBright...
  • 360° Speaker: Equipped with a powerful omnidirectional speaker, this...
  • Home Entertainment: Enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and more up...
  • Android 7.1: Run streaming and media apps flawlessly. Seamlessly...
  • NOTE: Copyrighted content from Hulu, Netflix, and similar services CAN...

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Many projectors are announced as portable only because they are smaller than your regular model. On the other side, the Nebula Capsule is small enough to slip straight into your pocket. Not only does it weigh less than a pound, but it also has a powerful battery and an incredibly robust aluminium case that ensures that you can watch your favourite shows and films anywhere.

The fact that the nebula capsule contains an omnidirectional speaker is equally impressive in scale. The amount is very good—much to watch casual movies. It is also supported with Bluetooth, which plays the contents you stream directly from your phone or device, and a control app is provided.

If you’re in the right place, the photo of this little machine is clear and sharp. As you would imagine from the small case, this model uses an LED bulb for the picture. It makes the Nebula Capsule so compact and enables it to work so well, but it is also much dimmer at the price point than many projectors. The 100 ANSI lumens provided by the bulb give you a bright image in a dark world.

The projector is suitable for campers, RV operators, and nights in the backyard—wherever you want, a projector that can be easily carried and configured. If you have the projection system for a more permanent home theatre, you will get a brighter, better picture for less money elsewhere. But you can’t top the Nebula Capsule for portability.

Crenova HD – Best Movie Projector Under $300

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Back to home theatre projectors, this Crenova HD projector is one you want to keep in mind. It is an inexpensive projector that makes it easy to view your favourite content, regardless of which device your media uses.

Let’s begin with the photo. This Crenova HD Projector has a native resolution of 720p and supports up to 1080p content. The image is not as bright as with the native 1080p resolution projectors, but it’s very nice for the price.

The NTSC colour is an update to what we saw elsewhere on this list over previous versions. The brightness is our principal complaint from a picture point of view. It is brighter than many LCD bulbs, but it still requires a mostly dark setting.

This Cremona Projector has a remote control and all of the cables that you need to configure it. It can be installed or supported on a tabletop, and the image can be just as easily adjusted.

Although it has no integrated Wireless capabilities, it provides you with a full range of inputs, including a MicroSD slot with standard HDMI and USB ports, including an audio out port when using external speakers. 

It supports screen mirroring so that you can conveniently access the content on your phone or tablet, but it must be done through a wired connection unless you invest in a wireless Internet connection.

The most important sales outlets of this Cremona projector are versatility and value. It offers you many choices in screen size and placing, and when it comes to comfort, the remote included is a pleasant touch. While you intend to use it in a predominantly dark setting, you will be glad that this projector performs.

ViewSonic M1 – Best Projector Under $300 for Movies

ViewSonic M1 Portable LED Projector with Auto Keystone, Dual Harman Kardon Speakers, HDMI, USB C, Stream Netflix with Dongle
  • PORTABLE PROJECTOR: Ultra-portable WVGA (854x480p) LED projector that...
  • BIG SCREEN PROJECTION: Shorter throw lens project up to 100-inches...
  • PREMIUM AUDIO: Built-in dual Harman Kardon speakers deliver...
  • STREAMING SIMPLIFIED: Livestream sporting events straight into your...
  • EASY SETUP: Simple setup and control, just plug & play your...

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Here’s another from ViewSonic, which is more on their inventory’s home theatre line. It is also one of the best portable projection systems in the range of prices. The exterior and interior design technologies come together in an impressively compact package.

Less than one pound weights the ViewSonic M1. The stand is a lens shield, and when the projector is closed, it is a slim 5×6-inch package that fits into any backpack. The integrated lithium-ion battery will play six hours of content at full load — long enough for a dual function without stopping and plug-in.

For an all-in-one movie experience, most portable projectors come with speakers. The ViewSonic M1 speakers are much higher than other projectors. 

Harman Kardon, one of the leaders of high-end home audio equipment, makes them. It would help if you had external speakers when you want soul-shaking bass, but it’s suitable without any additional hardware for simple sound effects, dialogue, and even music.

This projection ratio is also relatively short. It means you don’t have to position the projector to get a big picture too far from the wall. Even in a relatively small room, you can get a photo of up to 100.” 

Combined with portability, this makes dorm rooms, apartments—even hotel rooms—a perfect option. You can watch your favourite content anywhere with the ViewSonic M1.

RIF6 CUBE Full LED Mini – Best Movie Projector Under 300 Dollars

RIF6 CUBE Pico Projector with 120 Inch Display - 2 Inch Mobile Portable Mini Projector 20,000 Hour LED Compatible with HDMI Devices Phones Laptops Tablets and Gaming Consoles - Includes Mini Tripod
  • Portable mobile projector
  • Sleek single piece aluminum casing
  • LED digital-based light source shows picture in stunning color and...
  • Projects presentations, video games, etc. from your mobile device or...

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The RIF6 Cube mini projector is a perfect complement when you expect to move around a lot as it is made compatible with travel; it’s not easy to bring it around with a tripod stand, a compact size, and a lightweight.

However, this mini projector performs better if used for solo viewing rather than community viewing because of its speaker’s nature.

EUG Bluetooth wifi – Best Movie Projector Under $300

No products found.

If you need a projector to not only project images in one direction. But also, where you can choose between the front, back, and ceiling projections, then it’s the perfect choice for you to avoid saying that it’s well within your budget, making it match in with our best movie projector under 300 dollars.

This projection is favoured not only in its direction but also in its ability to endorse various networking choices.

This projector offers options and flexibility, making it a convenient choice and a good price image quality.

Optoma S341 – Best Projector Under $300 for Movies

Optoma S341 3500 Lumens SVGA 3D DLP Projector with Superior Lamp Life and HDMI
  • Luminous SVGA projection with 3500 lumens and 22,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Extensive I/O support with HDMI, via-in, via out, composite video,...
  • sRGB display profile dazzles with Rec709 color accuracy
  • Adjust the gamma output to match the color of the Projection surface...
  • Hide jaggies and soft edges with edge mask

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Due to its strong picture quality and contrasts, the Optoma S341 projector is suitable for presentation purposes, making it easy to see and interpret what is projected, including text.

This projector appeals more to the market for teaching purposes but is not limited because it can also be used for a much sought-after home cinema experience.

There is every indication from the specifications that this projector has been made for presentations and not for films, so it performs exceptionally for films though it is inadequate.

Therefore, to enjoy this projector, it is preferable to use it particularly for presentations, which are the principal reason for placing this projector in our best movie projector under 300 dollars list.

BenQ MS524AE – Best Movie Projector Under $300

BenQ MS524AE 1080p Supported SVGA 3300 Lumens HDMI Vibrant DLP Color Projector for Home and Office
  • 3300 ANSI Lumen High brightness for stunning presentations
  • 15, 000: 1 High Native contrast for crisp readability.Acoustic Noise...
  • Dual HDMI inputs for multiplatform digital connectivity. HDTV...
  • Simple setup, intuitive operation, and hassle-free maintenance
  • Eco-friendly low total cost of Ownership. Vertical scan...

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The BenQ MS524AE projector is very good for a budget of 300 dollars, offering the perfect presentation and a good film about this projector.

What this projector does not have is that you do not have to connect just one device at a time to the projector, via HDMI or through the VGA port.

You may consider connecting an external speaker with this projection to obtain better film time.

APEMAN Mini Portable – Best Projector Under $300 for Movies

No products found.

The APEMAN LC350 is a mini portable light and display technology designed to generate 3,800 lumens at a 2000:1 contrast ratio, perfect for gamers in the dark. This lightweight projector is flexible enough with an adjustable footpad and a keystone correction of ±15° for ceiling mounts, tripods, or tabletop installations.

The APEMAN LC350 is the best movie projector under 300 dollars to enhance the gaming experience with a max 180-inch screen, a full 1080 inch HD, and two integrated speakers. The HDMI, VGA, Micro SD, and AV interface ports are compatible with common gaming devices.

An additional USB port supports a flash drive in most video formats and enables wireless system connections via the Miracast dongle. The APEMAN LC350 is light and compact, simple to install, weighs less than three pounds, and is small enough to fit into your hand palm.

Things to remember when purchasing Best Projectors for under $300

As seen above, you get a wide range of projectors with various sizes and features below $300. However, there are some aspects you should remember before zeroing on a projector.

They are here:

Display technology for the projector: Like a TV, multiple display technologies for a projector are available. Under $300, an LED monitor provides a life cycle of over twenty thousand hours but lacks visibility. So consider using a DLP projector if show quality is the main priority. ACCORDING TO THE MODEL USED, the DLP projector has a standard lifetime of 5,000-15,000 hours.

Native resolution: The true resolution a projector will view on the screen is a native resolution. If you have a DLP projector, you get a maximum resolution of 800 x 600p. Though LED display technology typically comes with Full HD resolution, some projectors support 4K content. Even with a lower native resolution, a DLP projector will give a better viewing experience because of its excellent display quality.

Weight of the projector: Like our smartphones, projectors often get slimmer day by day. So, you can easily find the best movie projector under 300 dollars that weigh less than 7 kilograms and are easy to bring anywhere. The HDP300 Anker Nebula Capsule is lightweight, weighing 1 pound and 2.2 pounds.

Connectivity options: There are many connectivity options for modern projectors, but most of them are connected to this price. Few of the above projectors have wifi access and Bluetooth. If you don’t want to battle with wires, projectors such as Yaber V6 and Anker Nebula Capsule will provide Bluetooth and wifi networking to pair and mirror your smartphone or laptop screen easily.


In conclusion, buying a projector will be simpler if you have the right guide, and with tips on this best movie projector under 300 dollars, you’re on the right road to one of the best.

If it’s a film screening, presentation, multifunction, or travelling with, all you have to do is look for the right features.

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