Top 8 Best Gobo Projector for Weddings in 2021

A gobo projector can be an ideal way to make any event more professional. Since they let you plan a wide range of different colours and patterns, they can be used instead of many other light fixtures, mainly if you’re investing in colourful gobos.

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There are so many choices that you can find the best gobo projector for weddings, a bit daunting – particularly because not every wedding will have the exact necessities. We have chosen our 8 best choices for gobo projectors, including at all prices. Check the complete reviews below to start your quest.

Instagbo 15W LED – Best Home Movie Projector

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We will launch our reviews with this 15-watt Instagbo LED Gobo projector, ideal for DJs and event planners. It enables you to add this extra personalized touch to your lighting design in a compact and robust case, which will fit you well over the coming years.

Let’s start with what’s happening inside this projector. It has an integrated LED chip that allows you to use up to 30 000 hours before being replaced. The bulb is high enough to be seen anywhere, and the lens is built to give you a clear, high-definition picture.

It is also designed to withstand high temperatures so that it is not affected by continuous use. It is for use with custom glass and film gobos — you will get one single colour plate with the projector free of charge and order multi-colour plates from the company using whatever picture you plan to use.

Hiliting Led Gobo – Best Gobo Projector for Weddings

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The HILITING LED logo Gobo IP65 is the exact logo light you need for indoor and outdoor use.

It is well equipped with 15W OSRAM LED to supply efficient lumen with complex and complex layouts based on the installed glass gobo. The manual DJ effect light zoom gives a life-long effect and a feeling of uplift, mainly remotely controlled. It helps you to set a steady-turn pattern according to the moment in a group and every other social gathering, including in churches.

The equipment is bound to wear away at some stage. But with the careful care of your equipment, the process may be postponed. You must never worry about external rusting or get hurt by this projector because of overheating or water spillage. This projector consists of a solid, non-corrosive, robust alloy with excellent thermal resistance that makes it one of the best.

Chauvet Dj Ez Gobo – Best Home Movie Projector

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The CHAUVET DJ gobo event projector is at the top of our list and the editor’s pick. It is the perfect gobo projection system for weddings and events. As the name of this gobo shower demonstrates, it is built specifically for DJs to illuminate the dance floor and keep the party going with the stage and the club. Similarly, this fantastic projector can be used for weddings or activities.

It is an LED gobo projector, and one of the best features is the installation at the bottom of this projector of some powerful magnets. It means it removes the hassle of screwing and fixing it in a wall or on a stand, and essentially you can attach it to any flat metal surface at all times. But it’s not going to be incorrect to suggest it’s a portable gobo projector.

In terms of portability, this projector has a built-in rechargeable battery package, making it compact and wireless to use and position anywhere. It also features a manual zoom to expand the image projection to enable you to have a short-throw and a long-throw forecast in the same device that makes the image a functional gobo projection device for small and more significant rooms.

Suny Dj 80 – Best Gobo Projector for Weddings

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Let’s finally look at this SUNY projector. Like the Chauvet above, it is intended for use by DJs. But it is an excellent choice for anyone who organizes or performs in marriages. It is also the cheapest choice on the list for less than a hundred bucks, making it perfect if you buy on a budget. When you see how many features it provides, you will be particularly surprised by the low price.

This projector comes with a pre-set array of gobos—20 that can be combined to produce 80 different RGB colour patterns. It does not offer you as many customization choices as costly ones, but it also makes the set-up simpler because the gobos themselves don’t have to be confused.

It is also a very lightweight choice. The case is metal and lighter and very light, so you can quickly move it between performances and events. The ventilator can be a little noisy, but not enough to be overwhelming, and it keeps the interior cool even in extended use. If you want an inexpensive, portable gobo projector, it’s certainly worth looking at this model.

Instagobo – Best Home Movie Projector

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This gobo projector is customized for an indoor event as a spotlight projector. It is tailored to clients’ needs and specifications, hotel clubs, and small advertising event arrangements & the INSTAGOBO Light Projector is suitable for projecting the name and logo of a business or hotel at a reception or company case.

The gobo system’s body is covered by an aluminium alloy environmental shell that protects it against corrosion. It is also proud of its waterproof IP65, internal cooling technology, overheating heat pipe, and long-term lives.

It is also fitted with a high-resolution optical lens with high transmission and resistance to temperature. The optical lens, an essential aspect for choosing which gobo machine to buy, can produce an ultra HD image, compact and lightweight designs.

Adj Pinpoint Gobo Color – Best Gobo Projector for Weddings

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This ADJ Pinpoint Gobo colour projection is second on our list of best gobo projector for weddings. It has a five-star review rating to date and is the new ADJ items gobo projector & ADJ is known for delivering consistency and outstanding customer service in its products.

This gobo projector is 10W driven by 4 light projectiles in 1 LED for wedding events. Like our previous mention, it also has a magnet in its base for an easy and hassle-free installation that supports the installation of X-clip mounting ceiling frame mounting.

It has a powerful integrated battery that compacts and can be put anywhere in the wedding hall. The battery is in regular mode for 5 hours and in an energy-saving way for around 18 hours.

Qomolangma Logo Gobo – Best Home Movie Projector

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The Gobo LED logo Gobo Projector is both compact and low in personal ownership prices.

The compact and lightweight design enable simple installation and gobo replacement for mounting and installation in either direction.

It has a waterproof IP20 rating, and its extensive set-up orientation makes it easy to mount and apply directly indoors.

The projector was also designed to protect against heat and corrosion with an aluminium alloy metal frame. It has a high-intensity bakery and a sandblasted cure for oxidation.

The glass gobo prototype installed in the projector enables complex and complex designs to be efficiently designed with retained image quality even after repeated use.

Suny Stage Dj – Best Gobo Projector for Weddings

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SUNY Stage DJ Projector is a perfect addition to the list of best gobo projector for weddings. As the name implies, this projection system suits DJs perfectly. 

It does not mention this projector for DJs but can be used for any reason. At festivals and parties, it is an outstanding showstopper. It features a large selection of 20 Gobos and 128 awesome combinations.

It offers beautiful features at a low price. You won’t find such value with any other projector for your money. The Suny stage projection is highlighted by its sound sensors, which monitor the sound lighting effects. It means that your music beats are linked to the lights.

The projector comes with remote control and is, therefore, a convenient choice. You can manage any environment in one place, from sound to light. It is lightweight and light in weight so that you can take it with you anywhere. You have to plug it in and watch the magic happen in the next few minutes.

How do I pick the best GOBO projector for weddings?

The right choice lies in two factors: how much power you want over the gobos and the environments where the projector is to be used. Anything like the SUNY projector will suit the account at less cost than the other choices if you want an accent light in indoor venues.

But you can expect a little bit more if you want to choose to customize the gobos or if you need anything bright enough for outdoor use. All three of the above models are sustainable and reliable solutions that will serve you well in the coming years, whatever your needs.


To conclude, choosing what you need at a given time for a specific reason may be all you need to solve a problem you don’t know you can experience later. Make sure you notice why or what you need when choosing which best gobo projector for weddings to purchase.

It allows them to assess the specification in which your requirements match. It also allows you to calculate the budget price while preparing your budget. If you have your budget before you specify, you will purchase what does not meet your requirement.

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