The 10 Best Cordless Window Shades

Cordless window shades have a modern, clean look that most homeowners prefer, and they are also safer to use in homes with young children than standard blinds with potentially dangerous, dangling strings. These convenient options are often energy efficient and add warmth and ambiance to your decor, too. We’ve ranked the selections on this list by durability, design, and price.

In spite of its multitudinous meanings and connotations in contemporary English, the term shade derives from a relatively simple concept. In its most basic form, it’s anything that stands (or hangs) between us and a light source. Seeking shelter from nature’s harsher elements is an impulse common to nearly all animals.

From birds that huddle together for warmth in the protection of their nests, to primates that convert whatever they can find into rain canopies, most species will make an effort to avoid getting drenched or scorched if at all possible. This instinctive avoidance has become something of an obsession among humans, who will not only duck for cover in inclement weather but also go to extremes in search of something like a Goldilocks zone of environmental conditions.

While early mankind may have cozied up to open fire when temperatures dropped, and hunkered down in caves or forests to escape the sun’s blistering rays, the desire to be more than just safe from harm — to be comfortable — drives an almost insatiable need in humans to adapt our environments to suit ourselves, rather than the other way around.

Even within the cushy confines of our climate-controlled homes, we hominids invest heavily in all manner of window treatments to maintain the ideal ambient temperature and have control over when and how light crosses the threshold of our domiciles.

Back when exterior-mounted shutters were the only window coverings available, they were primarily used to protect a home’s interior against high winds, hail, and extreme heat. With the advent of draperies, so-called Venetian blinds, and other interior shades, we can now control window coverings from within at the touch of a button or the pull of a cord.

Here’s the The 10 Best Cordless Window Shades

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